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Twelve Days Until Christmas

Surprisingly, I am not freaking out that there are only twelve days until Christmas. I think my, "Oh, well, it will get there before New Year's" attitude is helping. ;) It's a lesson I probably should have learned years ago - no one really freaks out if they don't get a gift or card by Christmas. I certainly don't. Then again, my birthday is in February so it just all sort of blends into a two month event for me. :)

On the plus side, I finally made some headway on the cards and all the stuff I ordered is trickling in. I just plan to hunker down this weekend and get stuff done.

Tonight is the firm holiday party which should be interesting. I'm only one of three people from my department going. The boss should be thrilled by that turn out. :p The firm opted not to go with a buffet this year and since they offered no chicken option amongst the three entree choices, six people refused to go. I wish I was kidding about that. There are appetizers, salad, bread, and desserts (plural), suck it up and make an appearance.

OK, now on to TV. I think last night's Pushing Daisies may be the last new network programming that until the new year. Unless there is a new 30 Rock tonight. We'll see what the DVR records.

I had mixed feelings about this episode. As always, the dialogue and the acting were superb. Olive being referred to as a "homeopathic drug mule" was priceless. And it's the characters and the words they speak that keep me tuning in week after week. The plots are almost an afterthought. However, I think that with a show that is so cleverly written a bit more care could be taken with the storytelling. Did anyone not know the minute we met her that the Wish a Wish lady was the killer? Or that something would happen to her and her heart would end up going to the surly (and hilarious!) kid?

My other concern is with the big character reveals. I did not suspect that Emerson had a child. That was a surprise. And I think that if we discover he's had a long term estrangement from his daughter it would go a long way in explaining his not wanting to deal, at all, with the personal problems and emotional entanglements of others.

Lily confessing, under the influence, that she is Chuck's mother, didn't really surprise me. I have always felt that there was some secret hidden in the Charles family that existed prior to Chuck's death and resurrection. I do like the possibilities of the turmoil this creates for Olive. She now has two huge secrets to carry the burden of and is unable to share either with the parties involved. But shocking family secrets is also veering into soap territory and I don't want the show getting bogged down in that. I was relieved when Ned confessed to Chuck that he had played a role in her father's death, but just as we get that somewhat resolved, here is more family drama that the audience is privy to, yet all the characters are not.

I'm not concerned the show has jumped any sharks nor am I declaring anything has bee ruined for me. It's just if by episode nine we've had this many twists and turns, I don't see the series having a long life. But that might not be a bad thing. Far too many series outlast (and overplay) their originality and limp to a disappointing conclusion. ::cough:: The X-Files ::cough::
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