Wow! Really? (cos that link doesn't work for me) *izcrying* But Wow! XF foreva! And now they have part of BSG! Yay!
I saw an article that referred to him as a "co-star," too, which I thought was interesting. So I figure that means he's either a good guy and probably doomed, or a bad guy. Both of which make me a little sad, because I would like to see Callum in something in which he is not a) creepy or b) ultimately dead. Still, I'm glad he's on board, and I hope they give him good stuff to work with.

I was surprised at how excited I was to hear they were actually filming, too! Apparently it's been long enough that my XF annoyance has faded into affection?
I guess enough time has passed that my 'X-Files' bitterness has faded. Or maybe it was just replaced with 'Alias' bitterness.

Considering everyone but Mulder, Scully, and Skinner was ultimately doomed in 'The X-Files' I really don't think it matters if he's good, bad, or creepy. ;)
In the X-files? That could be interesting - although I have the feeling he'll end up playing a villain again :P Having just seen Blade Trinity, I spent half the movie thinking "who the hell is that weird Vampire played by?" and finally twigged just in time for him to die...
It would be interesting if he was working with Mulder and Scully, but at this point we probably can't find out. I read that they are auditioning people using an old episode script with the names changed. It probably will keep spoilers from being leaked for a couple of weeks. ;)
N'AWW!! My Seekrit Canadian Actor Boyfriend IS in everything that's filmed in Vancouver!!

Of course, now even more I want to go down to the coast and stalk him.

And I think he was in two different episodes of X-Files, back in the day. Like I said, if it's filmed in Vancouver...
I read he was in an early 'X-Files' ep, but I have no recollection of it. Of course, 'The X-Files' was the 'Stargate' of it's day and every Vancouver actor was on the show!