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Direct and Indirect Thoughts on Angel

I was seriously upset upon hearing that Venetian Heat was not to be. It wasn't so much not being able to see the finished project but this is the second time James had a major role in a feature film taken from him at the last minute. When is this guy finally going to get a chance to showcase his talents outside the Wheadonverse?

The last time around, James role at the end of season 6 of Buffy was reduced in order for him to be in Star Trek: Nemisis (OK, not a great film, but it did get a lot of publicity.) Once again with VH, Joss was accomidating James shooting schedule. With James sudden availability, how does this effect the current storyline(s) on Angel? Will they go ahead and let things play out as they had planned or will they scramble for ways to include Spike in more scenes? As much as I adore seeing Spike, I really don't want to see the season getting mucked up.

David, skip a few lunches, vampires do not put on weight.

I'm glad James got second billing in the credits. Some long time fans of Angel may disagree with this decision, but if you take into consideration his years on Buffy, he's been with ME for a long time - longer than AA, JAR, and AH. I'm also glad AD got the 'and' placement at the end. He and Aly share something else now. :)

Still, anyone find it weird seeing James in the opening credits and being part of this new group? Something just felt wrong about it. Eh, I'll get over it eventually.

I said two days ago that Eve both 'sucked and blowed'. Well, I may have been a bit harsh. She didn't bother me as much the second time around. I blame ME for my initial hatred. She obviuosly was a last minute replacement for SR. Hell, her lines were obviously intended for Lilah. That's a lot to ask of an actress - to step in at the last minute and fill the shoes of an established character. Maybe with some time now, ME will write the character to fit her and get away from her being a inferior Lilah clone.

I didn't really get into too much in-depth thought on my initial viewing. But, Angel and company have really put themselves in a difficlut, perhaps impossible, situation. They're damned if they do, damned if they don't. Maybe, literally. ;)

It seems Angel's initial intent was to take W&H down from the inside (his first decision was going to be to fire all the staff). But, as Eve so rightly pointed out, if he destroys W&H it will only send all the evil doers to the firm next door. He'll have accomplished nothing and actually have made things worse.

So, he's forced to play by their rules. Getting various demon and human scum exhonorated from their crimes in order to save the world from even greater evil (put a slave trader back on the street in order to save all of LA). Maybe the senior partners can't turn Angel to the darkside, but they certainly found a good way to torture him - having him morally conflicted at every turn.

Anyone else think of Buffy's comment to Giles in LMPTM in regards to removing Spike's chip...'You can't fight evil by doing evil'. Was Buffy wrong? Or is the gang about to find out some very harsh truths about their situation and themselves?
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