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Psycho Killers and Cylons....Happy Holidays to You

missmurchinson just reminded me I can talk about the Dexter finale now. Long story. ;)

I have mixed feelings about the finale. What they did they did well, but at the end of the penultimate episode I had a suspicion as to how things would play out in the finale and it turns out I was right. As soon as Doakes told Lila his story and she revealed her sympathy was with Dexter, it was just a matter of the dominoes falling. And Dexter gets his life handed back to him. Lila gets rid of Doakes and because she killed an innocent man, Dexter can simply follow the code and kill her. OK, I didn't think he'd be doing that in France, but the rest I figured out.

I do wish they hadn't made Lila such a whack job. Trying to frame Angel for rape was bad enough, we didn't need her kidnapping Rita's kids and attempting to murder them. I would have liked her lunacy to be played more subtly.

Poor Deb. :( I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of Lundy for her sake and ours, but while I think he cared deeply for Deb she did seem to want to move faster than he did. Another couple of weeks and I'm sure she would have been moving her stuff into his apartment.

Not sure where they could be going next season. Dexter is feeling pretty invincible at the moment, but if bodies of freed criminals start turning up again they'll realize Doakes wasn't their man.

And my buy of the week....CYLON SNOWMAN!

I think I prefer the blue eye.

But the red eye is more traditional. ;)

There is also a sound effect that sounds very Cylonish, but it gets annoying after a minute so it's turned off. And, technically it's not marketed as a Cylon Snowman, probably because certain copyright holders would need to be paid, but the Cylons had to be the inspiration for it.
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