Asta 2

The End is Near!

I mean that in the good way. I made two trips to two different post offices today and mailed out most of the cards and a couple of packages. I even managed to score a free international stamp because the postal clerk miscounted. This evening I finished up the cards, got all of my gifts to be mailed wrapped and boxed, and I'll be at the post office next door at 8:00 am tomorrow when it opens. I still have two things to mail out, but neither person (and one's my uncle - yes, friends before family!) knows they are getting anything. But, I'm shooting for Saturday, at the latest, to get those things mailed out then at least, technically, I'll have everything mailed before Christmas. I'm just excited that I can soon start working on some fic and finish up posts currently sitting on my desktop. And I still need to listen to the commentary on the Razor DVD. Maybe I'll save that for Christmas Eve since the plan is to stay home and do NOTHING that day.

Happy Belated Birthdays! to two wonderful ladies fer1213 and anglophileangel. I hope you both had awesome days. :)
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Damn, I missed Razor. It was shown on shiny Sky on Tuesday and I was busy doing Christmassy things. Stoopid me.
Hey, you! I think I'll get to mail your package sometime next week -probably the day after Christmas. This season has seriously kicked my arse. I'm counting down the minutes til it's over.
Thank you!
Have only just come across this post and wanted to say thank you for the card - as wonderful and entertaining as always!

And dear lord the idea of Jamie Bamber and Michael Vartan being in the same program just makes a girl swoon!!!! And then on top of that if they let them talk French then I'd be on the floor *grins* Aaaaahhhhh it's a lovely dream so thanks for putting it in my head!