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Holiday Card Thank You

So I finally got around to opening up the mail that's been piling up for a week and a big thank you to everyone who has sent me cards.  And baby pictures! ;) It was quite the card-a-palooza this evening. 

That's about all I had the energy to do this evening.  I did get to hang out with friends and exchange gifts earlier.  YAY!   I also got to go into work for four and a half hours. BOO!  And made one final trip to the post office and was shocked to find NO line.  I guess the retail slump also means less packages being sent out.

Now I plan on enjoying three days of DVD viewing and slothing.  Why is spell check not telling me that slothing is not a word?
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So you are staying home and chilling as well?

I work a half day on Monday but plan to spend now through Weds doing nada. It will be fun.

BTW, thanks for the card. I owe you a very long email. :)
I slept till about 11:30 today. Usually I'd beat myself up for sleeping so late, but when I woke up I had a bit of a scratchy throat and my ears were plugged so I suspect I may have picked up a bug. Hopefully, since I can rest it won't get too bad.

I look forward to your email. :) No rush!
Let me add my card thank you as well--you done good! And I hope the baby picture comment was refering to my humble offering; our cards went out so obscenely late I feared stuff wouldn't show up until the 26th!
I sent out the bulk of my cards on Wednesday and am pleasantly surprised that they arrived already! And, yes, your card was included in the baby picture comment. :) Though, it dawned on me last night after I posted and had gone to bed that they aren't all babies anymore. But they are still pretty tiny so I think it's OK. ;)
3.5 and 1.5 still count as "babies" in my book!

::is in denial::

I am so thankful my cards made it so far west already. There's hope my west coast peeps will have theirs before Christmas!
Thanks so much for the card! It definitely stand out amidst the usual holiday mail. :)