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Merry Christmas!

To those who celebrate it and to the, Hi!  :)

Well, as I am prone to do on holidays and birthdays I seem to have picked up a bug. Though, I think I've managed to stop it from being a knock-me-on-my-ass-for-a-week illness.  I've just been sleeping a lot, which did, unfortunately, curtail my DVD watching.  Though I did finally  finish Season 2 of Due South.  It was odd the season ended with a clip show, but I'm guessing they didn't know they were being canceled.  And 'All the Queen's Horses'  provided, for me, one of the most bizarre moments of the series when Paul Gross and his fellow mounties suddenly broke out into song.   I also put on what is becoming one of my favorite Christmas films, Love Actually.  Next up will be the Grinch, the animated version, not the Jim Carrey monstrosity. 

On top of getting even more lovely holiday cards the past two days, I received a $20 gift card from Best Buy, as they promised.  I can't recall if I mentioned here previously that my copy of Razor did not include the bonus disc promised on the packaging.  So after a failed exchange (apparently none of the copies shipped here had the bonus disc) I emailed Best Buy about it and they said they send me a gift card.  As much as I complain about retailers, and they deserve it, I feel I should give Best Buy credit for, essentially, giving me Razor for free.

And while I was laying on the couch snoozing yesterday I though of the ending for a fic I have not yet begun.  thomasina75 that should make you happy. ;)

Finally, I need to wish swsa a slightly belated, thegoyle a shockingly on time, and _jems_ a bit early Happy Birthday! I hope all you lovely ladies had/have great days.  (And that you didn't get cheated on presents! ;)
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