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Merry Christmas!

To those who celebrate it and to the rest...um, Hi!  :)

Well, as I am prone to do on holidays and birthdays I seem to have picked up a bug. Though, I think I've managed to stop it from being a knock-me-on-my-ass-for-a-week illness.  I've just been sleeping a lot, which did, unfortunately, curtail my DVD watching.  Though I did finally  finish Season 2 of Due South.  It was odd the season ended with a clip show, but I'm guessing they didn't know they were being canceled.  And 'All the Queen's Horses'  provided, for me, one of the most bizarre moments of the series when Paul Gross and his fellow mounties suddenly broke out into song.   I also put on what is becoming one of my favorite Christmas films, Love Actually.  Next up will be the Grinch, the animated version, not the Jim Carrey monstrosity. 

On top of getting even more lovely holiday cards the past two days, I received a $20 gift card from Best Buy, as they promised.  I can't recall if I mentioned here previously that my copy of Razor did not include the bonus disc promised on the packaging.  So after a failed exchange (apparently none of the copies shipped here had the bonus disc) I emailed Best Buy about it and they said they send me a gift card.  As much as I complain about retailers, and they deserve it, I feel I should give Best Buy credit for, essentially, giving me Razor for free.

And while I was laying on the couch snoozing yesterday I though of the ending for a fic I have not yet begun.  thomasina75 that should make you happy. ;)

Finally, I need to wish swsa a slightly belated, thegoyle a shockingly on time, and _jems_ a bit early Happy Birthday! I hope all you lovely ladies had/have great days.  (And that you didn't get cheated on presents! ;)
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I see it's not just me who traditionally gets ill over the holidays ;) I hope the bug turns into one of those that requires nothing more than rest and alcoholic treatment ;)

Have a wonderful Christmas :)
It was a running not-funny joke when I was a kid that I got sick on every birthday and holiday. I gave Rudolph competition in the red nose department on Christmas! For the most part, I've grown out of the tradition, but this fall and winter has not been a good one for me. Sadly, I spent Christmas with mom who has an alcohol free home. :/

Hope you had/are having a good holiday!
Ahh, the annual Christmas cold. I'm sorry you're sick and I hope you kick the bastard out as soon as possible. Grr-argh.

Love Actually is also becoming a tradition for me. I haven't watched it yet, but probably will. It's too hard to resist.

Here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free!

Merry Christmas to you, too.
You know I identify now with Billy's butchering of a much loved song? ;)

Hope you had a great Christmas. :)
I got your card! Great job, as always!

Also, I can't stop staring at one Lee Adama. ;)
Merry Christmas to you too, Asta! Sorry about the traditional cold. Here's to breaking with "tradition" in the New Year!

Love Actually is on the list for later. After The Thin Man. A must see on Christmas...or any time. lol

Hope you feel much better soon!
Man, I will be pissed if I am still sick into the New Year!

I did not watch the Thin Man today, but I have seen it recently so I hope that counts. ;)

I misses you too! Why cannot your company open a store here in Michigan?
Thank you for your shockingly on time wishes which I am reading woefully late. This year my biggest present was bronchitis, summed up prophetically by a Darth Vader soundchip birthday card. But thank the Force for antibiotics which are sorting me out very nicely.

And thank you, as ever, for your masterpiece holiday card. I totally sucked on that front this year, but it didn't mean I wasn't thinking of you and all my old precious ex-youknowwho pals.

Here's EARLY good wishes for a happy 2008. Love GG xx
Awwww, another friend of mine ended up with bronchitis for Christmas this year too. :( I hope you are feeling better and got some nice loot.

Don't worry about the cards. At one point I thought about skipping doing them, but a Christmas without Jamie seemed wrong. ;)
I hope you're feeling better, Asta! Thanks so much for the Christmas card, I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I didn't know every single reference.;)
I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I didn't know every single reference.;)

The day will come! Have I mentioned Jane Espenson is a producer on the show now? ;)

I hope you got mountains of awesome presents! :D
I don't know about mountains, but I got some nice stuff. I got a Star Wars book that, supposedly, contains the artwork of every poster for the original trilogy ever produced. You might like it. ;)

Btw, I have every intention of responding to your Razor thoughts, but between work and the lingering illness my strength is zapped by the time I get home. I'm shooting for the weekend to get my act together. :)
Thank you for your card. I always look forward to receiving them and it arrived on Christmas Eve. Yay! I hope mine's made it eventually.
Great timing. :) And, yes, I did receive your card! I thought about listing everyone who I received a card from, but that's a heck of a lot of html coding!