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Release Date for Season 3 of 'Battlestar Galactica' - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

March 23rd! And here's the link with even more details.

Not quite the New Year's post I had planned. I was going to stay home tonight, listen to the Razor commentary, and work on my list of resolutions, but then a friend called me about getting together tonight and I figured it might be nice to be social. Of course, she also mentioned me bringing brownies and several box sets of DVDs and now I'm wondering why she isn't coming here. So, significant posting shall have to wait until next year. ;) In the meantime, everyone have a happy and safe New Year.
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About fething time. Ok, it'll still be July before I consider them cheap enough to pick up, but at least there's actually a date out there.

Of course, that still leaves the moral dilemma of whether I should let myself borrow my brother's S3 R2 set and rip it to my computer for vidding purposes only, on the grounds that it's not piracy morally because I'm going to buy the R1 edition at some point...