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So Far, So Good

Man, you people posted a lot today! You are making it very difficult for me to resolve to spend less time online. ;p It seems like everyone had a good and/or uneventful New year. I consider that a great start to things. :) I ended up heading home from my friends around 10:00 last night. Weather played a role in that. We were under a winter storm warning and when the snow started piling up I thought it was best to head home. Also, my friends house was freezing. I never took off my coat and had a blanket on top of me. After touching an inner wall I became convinced the house had no insulation. However, the cold coupled with sitting on something barely passing as a couch made me very appreciative of my cozy little apartment.

In one respect I am starting off the New Year much like the old, Happy Belated Birthdays to indigo419 and hockeyvaughnfan! Hope both you ladies had great days. :) And my apologies to anyone else I may have missed over the last week or so, I haven’t been online nearly as much as I usually am.

Before laying forth my resolutions for 2008 I decided to look back at my first post of 2007. Some excerpts:

I did manage to collect all the post-it's, envelopes, index cards, and pieces of paper with information I wished to retain and combine them all, neatly, in one notebook. And I began to go through all the stuff on the DVR. Yikes! Maybe I should make a resolution to not save up nearly 70 hours of TV viewing again.

Wow. This is pretty much how I spent today. Not so many scraps of paper, but I did update The Notebook and my DVR went from about 50 hours to 30.

I'm also trying not to let things pile up at work. I still have some 2006 issues to deal with, but first thing this morning I dealt with one of them.

OK, I wasn’t at work today, but I had brought home two notebooks of refernece information I have accumulated and cleaned them out. Of course, if they ever fire me it all gets shredded. ;)

Oh, and this *really* amused me:

While watching some Stargate this weekend I came across an ep I really liked as in stopped what I was doing and paid close attention - that rarely happens for me with the show. The episode was 'The Other Side' which raised some interesting philosophical questions *and* the material was handled pretty darn well….Still, after watching the first two seasons and not getting what was so interesting about the show, I'm starting to see things come together in seasons 3 and 4.

January 2, 2007 – the day the obsession began. Hee!

As for 2008, let me begin with something I saw several individuals on my FList offer to do at Christmas time:

I will donate 10 dollars to the charity of your choice for the first fifteen people to comment. The only limitation is that I need to be able to donate online (with paypal or credit card), so please leave the link to where I can do so. And if you want to talk up your charity and why it is so awesome to get other people to donate as well, go right ahead! Heck, if we've gone past ten and you think it might do some good to leave the name and links in case someone else wants to pick up on it, have at it.

This extremely generous offer had given me a bit of sticker shock during the holidays, especially as my credit card bills were rolling in. :p But, eventually, I thought, “What if it was only ten dollars a month?” So, here’s my slightly altered deal. Same rules as above accept I’m changing it to the first twelve people who comment to this post and each month I will donate $10 to the charity of your choice. First commenter gets January, second commenter gets February, and so forth. A little less generous, then again I’ve already donate $30 to the United Way. I guess it really equals out!

Other Resolutions for the New Year...

• Finding a better work/life balance. Not exactly sure how to do this yet, but I’m going to work on it.

• Bitching less and not getting mired down in things that are beyond my control.

• Writing – I think swearing I’ll do it everyday is a bit unrealistic, at least at this point, but I’m aiming for three to four times a week.

• Drawing – Completing the drawing of Jamie started getting me back into the rhythm of things, but then illness and work crap got in the way of me continuing with it. The goal is to do a drawing (completed) a month.

• Do one thing new a month. This probably will be more along the lines of trying a new food or picking up a book ;) rather than bungee jumping, but I figured it’s good to expand my horizons in some way.

• Within the next two months get caught up on posting. I still have Dragon Con panels to transcribe! I’m hoping people will still be interested.

• Eat better/exercise. I’m focusing more on the eating right now. I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning. Woo!

• Peruse danceswithwords secret project. ;)

And now I'm off to catch up on beccatoria's recent artistic endeavors. She's been a busy little bee this long weekend!
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I forgot to mention in my post, so I am commenting here:
I've received your card just before the New Year! And my holiday fun was thus complete! thank you and happy new year!!
Thanks sweetie! Meeting you at D*C was definitely a highlight of 2007. Here's to much fannish glee and creative inspiration in '08!!
Here's to much fannish glee and creative inspiration in '08!!

Yes, because the world doesn't have enough Bamber! ;-)
Happy New Year! May it be a damned sight better than the old one ;)
January 2, 2007 – the day the obsession began. Hee!

Hee hee hee. "Stargate: if you give it four or five seasons, it really grows on you!" Not the most persuasive pimping argument out there, but certainly an accurate one.
"Stargate: if you give it four or five seasons, it really grows on you!"

We need that on tee shirts for all upcoming Cons. ;p
I'm currently doing the early morning first day back at work thing - which basically means I'm not doing a lot, but sort of easing myself back into work. And reading LJ. Reading through your post made me chuckle in a couple of places - in part because you sound a lot like me at times, and I'm greatly amused by coincidence ;)

You're incredibly organised with the notes and DVR watching - I'm impressed by anyone who can do that, rather than just sort of crashing through things like I do! And your resolutions look really good to me - specific enough to be measureable, realistic enough to be achievable, and not over the top to the point that anyone and everyone would fail in the first week. I think the only thing I'd say is that some of the carrots you've got to go with those resolutions are a little nebulous - a better work/life balance and better eating/more exercise do good things for you, but they're good in the long term. It really helps to have a carrot in the short term, too - and being me, that naturally means I'm going to suggest you add a little rider to what you're planning by saying something like "and each week where I manage at least two/three of these, I can have the disgustingly unhealthy chocolate dessert o' death as a friday night treat" or something. Long term goals are great, but everyone needs a little instant gratification, neh? ;)

By the way, your card arrived just before New Years and was superb. It's got pride of place on my DVD collection - my desk is... umm... cluttered *coughs* so cards have been colonising the DVD collection, cable box and bookshelves :D I'm seriously impressed with what you managed to do with them :D And even more impressed that I've managed to make Lee/Kara sneak into your peripheral vision ;)

Your charity scheme is a remarkable thing to decide to do, and a very generous one. I'm very spotty about charitable donations myself - I tend to donate to the charities I see collecting each month in town, although only patchily. I rarely donate to the same charity twice, and while I always think I should donate more, I never quite manage it. However, as you're a better person than I am, I thought I might as well pimp one of the charities I'm fondest of: - one of the things I think a lot of charities are guilty of is having far too broad a remit. Bob Geldof can warble his heart out about "feeding the world" but his work is really disorganised, and charities that are out to "save the world" don't really seem to know quite how, and invariably have big administration costs. Sightsavers is a nice, really specifically targetted charity - they work to combat blindness in developing countries. They're the charity that does little things like the operations to correct ingrowing eyelashes, or cataracts. They purchase and distribute things like antiseptic eyedrops - the easily available medicines that are taken for granted here, but aren't available easily in other countries and which make a genuine difference. They also train and educate blind people, so that their quality of life can be permanently improved. And that's it. They aren't trying to save the world, create world peace or banish hunger everywhere - they do exactly what their name says, and that's it. I like that purity of purpose and intent, because with a remit like that there are no cracks for money to vanish down, and the work they do is good work - so if you're a good enough person to donate to charity, then I might as well pimp a charity :)
Oh, I consume chocolate in some form everyday so I can't really use that as a reward. ;) Though in the whole eating healthy thing I am trying to eat less chocolate and sweets. For instance, when I got a bit hungry last night I had yogurt instead of a cookie.

And even more impressed that I've managed to make Lee/Kara sneak into your peripheral vision ;)

Hee. Yeah, I was well aware of the placement of Lee and Kara and even chose a shot where she is sort-of smiling. I figured I'd throw you shippers a to speak. ;)

I believe I actually saw a link for Sight Savers recently! I see your point about charities having a narrower focus. My firm campaigns for the United Way every year and while they are a broader charity, the money goes to local organizations and the firm can choose which organizations the money goes to. I've wanted to be better about giving to charities for some time and this seemed a good way to go about it. Plus, I may learn about organizations I wasn't aware of and decide to give additional money in the future. Some years ago I gave to the Humane Society and for about two years afterwards they were bombarding me with mailings. It made me feel like my money had been wasted. Hopefully, by giving online I can avoid such waste.
Susan G. is always a good place to go with a donation...

Breast cancer. It turns into metastatic cancer: bone, brain, liver, kidneys. Gotta kill the breast cancer before it kills the rest of you. *sigh*

Thanks. This is a fabulous way to start the year. Feel free to donate during March (as it's my birthday) or April (as it's my aunt's).
I don't think Cathy will mind swapping months with you. ;) I'll schedule you for March. Why do I forsee a spreadsheet in my future? Not that I over organize or anything! And thanks for sharing a link. I was beginning to worry I'd have no takers!
Hi Mary! What a nice idea - I'm going to take you up on your lovely offer. My charity of choice is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I had a very dear friend from Madrid who died at the age of 31 from CF back in 2002. he was full of fun and adventure and loved to travel. He also loved music and going to the movies and spending summers at the beach. He was an only child because his parents had lost 2 daughters to CF in infancy. Though Jose died 5 and 1/2 years ago, they are still grieving. He was a truly special person and a good friend. I miss him.

Here is the link. I'd love it if you could make the donation in his memory, his name was Jose Manuel Pulido Roncales.

Thanks for doing this. It's a good way to start the year. :)
I can't imagine losing three children all to the same disease. If I can make the donation in his name, I will. And you get bumped to February since Marcee requested March. ;) Thanks for offering up a link and such a worthy cause. :)
I just made a donation in Jose's name. :) Btw, I allocated the money for the Detroit chapter since it was the one closest to you.
Thank you so much, Mary! I can't tell you how much that means to me. I will be sure to pass it along to Jose's parents in Madrid.

You are a really special person to be doing this year-long project. So many worthy charities will be benefiting - what a great idea!
I received an email from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation asking for an address to send a letter informing the family of the donation, but I hate to have them use money on overseas postage when it could go to more useful things, ya know? And since your sending his family an email I figured it's covered. \

OT, love your icon. Bear hug! :)
Happy New Year! And I love this donation meme; I'm going to put it in my LJ, too.

And I would like to add America's Second Harvest to your list. They fight hunger and support local food banks and are awesome like that.
Kudos for you for your charity plan. If you're still looking for worthy causes, I'd selfishly suggest the National MS Society. My dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about ten years ago and it has now really started to affect his health and well-being. So little is known about it and so many suffer, it seems a worthy cause.

National MS Society.

Happy New Year!
That's not selfish at all! And I'm sorry your father's health is on the decline. I know a little about MS, but, no, it's not one of the diseases that gets a lot of the headlines.
Unfortunately I failed to do the monthly contributions as planned and am playing catch up today. Just wanted to let you know a contribution has been sent.