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Yes, I Stayed Up to Watch David Letterman

The WGA really needs to send Dave a gift basket. With the exception of the musical act, there wasn't a period of time when the WGA and strike weren't referenced. And having an associate producer who has worked for Dave since 1993 be interviewed about her experiences working on the show, recounting how she met her husband, who runs the Late Show's website, and culminating in showing pictures of her adorable seven month old daughter Jane...priceless.
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Oh, my. I've not watched Letterman in... erm... 16 years? But it does sound as if this was a hoot. I mean, somebody's actually fighting dirty against the studios using kiddy pictures? Oh, I absolutely love that :]
My favorite picture was of the baby in her Christmas gift - a Late Show jacket. :)
OMG, I love David Letterman. I was watching last night too, and was so impressed with his continued awesomeness, even though he looks like the Unabomber in that beard (and then I turned to Conan O'Brien and he had a beard too! WTF?).
I did have issues with the beard. Mostly because I found it very distracting. And it made him look old. I thought maybe he was going to promise to shave it as soon as the strike came to an end.