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BSG Photo, Article, and Premiere Date

greycoupon just linked, courtesy of a poster at battlestar_blog, scans from the latest Entertainment Weekly of a Season 4 BSG Cast Photo. The photo, if looked at without enlarging, is not really spoilery, but the quotes from Ron are so read at your own risk.

However, the one thing that jumped out at me was the premiere date - April 4 10:00-11:00pm. That's FRIDAY, April 4! Could Sci-Fi actually be giving us back our weekend to analyze the ep to death? Is this our New Year's gift?! :D

ETA: A scan of the photo only is up at Galactica Sitrep. So you can see how awesome Jamie the entire cast looks without encountering significant spoilage. And bask in Lee sitting closer to Laura than Kara. Hey, us Lee/Laura shippers have to take what we can get!
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