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BSG Photo, Article, and Premiere Date

greycoupon just linked, courtesy of a poster at battlestar_blog, scans from the latest Entertainment Weekly of a Season 4 BSG Cast Photo. The photo, if looked at without enlarging, is not really spoilery, but the quotes from Ron are so read at your own risk.

However, the one thing that jumped out at me was the premiere date - April 4 10:00-11:00pm. That's FRIDAY, April 4! Could Sci-Fi actually be giving us back our weekend to analyze the ep to death? Is this our New Year's gift?! :D

ETA: A scan of the photo only is up at Galactica Sitrep. So you can see how awesome Jamie the entire cast looks without encountering significant spoilage. And bask in Lee sitting closer to Laura than Kara. Hey, us Lee/Laura shippers have to take what we can get!
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Friday? Really? *hopes* It's really annoying to watch an episode, want to squee over it, but immediately have to go to bed so you can face the work week.
::admires icon::

I miss totally blowing off friends and family on Saturday to sit in front of my computer all day. EW better not have made a mistake!
FYI, I just put a cropped version of the scan, without the spoilery text, on Sitrep...
Could Sci-Fi actually be giving us back our weekend to analyze the ep to death?

Hee! Congratulations! :-)

Thanks for the photo link. That is, er, interesting art direction, or something. ;-)
Yeah, someone is going to burn in hell over that photo. :p My main gripe would still be the photoshopping. But Lee in a suit and Laura in a suit and both looking all political....sigh.

And bask in Lee sitting closer to Laura than Kara.

I did not just take out my tape measure and determine the following:

Lee's chin -> Kara's chin = 2 3/8"
Lee's chin -> Laura's chin = 2"

And as much as I hate to say it (because you know I'm ALL OVER Jamie's hotness but don't really think Lee's very attractive), I'm really really hoping The Hair looks better in motion. Because here? Yikes. Also, to be fair, I'm not a big fan of Kara's long-and-straight either.

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Lee's chin -> Kara's chin = 2 3/8"
Lee's chin -> Laura's chin = 2"

HEE! And thanks for proving me right! ;)

I think there were many hair issues in the photo, but NEW PHOTO so I'm forgiving. :)
Re: Slight spoiler for article in this comment ...
Having talked to Jamie at DC and then reading some additional spoilage I pretty much thought his days as CAG were over. Then recently he talked about taking his/Lee's flight suit home with him which, to me, meant his flying days were definitely over. The suit and longer hair are softening the blow for me. ;)
I too SO VERY MUCH hope that Friday night is correct!

hmm, Apr 4 is right after bitchinparty; perhaps a BSG recap/discussion/overview is in order? *ponders*
I'm skipping the spoilers but...

FRIDAY!!! Yay!

It means they lied about "returning in March," but that's ok. Friday!!
the premiere date fits with the 3-25-2008 release of season 3 to DVD.

I just watched White noise 2 this weekend which made me think of how Katee needs more Galactica and Fillon needs more Serenity.
There's been all sorts of spec over on skiffy about this, particularly in light of the final five comments and the obvious similarities between the picture and the Last Supper painting. One of the most recent developments is someone pointing out that after all the spec about Lee being in Judas' seat, the picture made more sense reversed... and then after some more study, that it had been partially reversed, and that the closest version to the painting is this one:

If you map the characters across to the apostles, you get...

Bartholomew = Roslin, James = Natalie, Andrew = Tigh, Peter = Tyrol, Judas = Anders, John = Kara, Jesus = Head!Six, Thomas = Baltar, James "The Just" = Lee, Philip = 12th Cylon, Matthew = Athena, Jude = Helo and Simon (zealot) = Adama... although there are all sorts of capping, speculating and interpreting going on at the moment. For example...

I briefly considered analyzing the photo, then I considered it was all up to the photographer where people sat/stood and...I'll preserve my sanity until April. ;)

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Not sure yet how much I like the fact this promo is obviously playing up to the image of The Last Super by Da Vinci.

Artistically speaking, it's rather cool, and I'm sure it's generating lots of talks. On the other hand, no offense to anyone, I'd hate to think BSG story is ultimately about polytheist society "dying" and making ways for the newer monotheist culture; that a "Christian" like religion is the future of mankind... (Six wearing red and placed in the center position drawing reference to Jesus bothers me a little)

I think the comment from EW that Lee is Judas like is odd. In my opinion, Baltar is the "Judas" here. From the way his body is turned; his elbow on the table; down to the green scarf he wears, he *screams* Judas to me. Why else wearing the green accessory if not drawing connection to Judas, the only one in TLS wearing green?

I think the comment from EW that Lee is Judas like is odd. In my opinion, Baltar is the "Judas" here.

I agree. I'm refraining from analyzing the photo too much because I have to wonder how much, if any, input Ron had in the positioning of the characters. Or did the photographer make a judgment call based on *his* interpretation of the series. Or does he even watch the show and just put the actors where he thought they looked best? I wish we knew more about the process.

And while artistically I think it is a cool photo, I can see some people taking offense about the Last Supper imagery. I do hope we aren't moving towards monotheism being the one true religion because I like the fact that the show established that the twelve colonies went the polytheistic route and look at the Cylon beliefs as kind of crazy.