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Is it November Yet?

Subject line brought to you by me sitting through three and a half hours of debates last night. Why can't Charlie Gibson be running for president? He was my favorite. :) But since he's not, I'm leaning, heavily, towards Obama. He's not a perfect candidate, but some of the Republicans actually scare me and I can't stand Hillary. And that shall be the extent of my political discussion.

All my plans for the weekend pretty much went kaput. I’m still fighting ear pressure/dizziness/exhaustion thanks to the lingering unknown bug. And I've been extremely crabby since Thursday and I'm not sure why. All of which led to projects and posting plans going by the wayside. Sigh.

Anyway, let’s catch up on some pimping!

Anyone want to go to a Bitchin’ Party? Then there is a con for you! Check out the bitchinparty comm for details. It’s a casual get together of fans taking place in the Seattle. They’ll be panels, vid shows, and probably a fair amount of squeeing. If you are not a BSG fan, you will be once I get done with you. ;) The organizers are capping registration at ninety people and they are already about half way there. romanticalgirl, I know you probably can’t make the Con, but I better get to see you while I’m there!

sdwolfpup had an awesome idea to spread some joy as we start the New Year. So this coming Thursday, January 10th she proposes…

we each engage in one act, either here on or outside of LJ, which brings joy to another person, in the hopes that that person will spread that joy further, and exponentially onward.

Some ideas I had of things we could do:

Write a fic, make an icon, make a vid, or make a fanart for someone. Buy someone paid time or userpics. Leave someone a nice comment. Say something nice about something fannish someone else loves. Say something nice about something fannish you love and encourage squee (and squee on someone else’s post if they make one!). Offer to beta for someone. Offer to donate five dollars to the charity of someone's choice. Send flowers to an online friend in a different city. Buy someone you know online a present. Or a virtual present. Plant a tree or a flower in someone's honor and take a picture of it and post it to your LJ. When somebody cuts you off at work, wish them well and hope they get where they’re going safely. Make somebody a friendship bracelet. Or a construction paper heart. Call someone you love and tell them so. Or anything else you can think of!

And to start the ball rolling, Congratulations to SDW on the Seahawks and Chargers victories! ;-)

OMG, I did a Meme! brokenmnemonic did this meme recently and it seemed s good way to get to know people without providing TMI.

LAYER ONE: On The Outside
Name: Since this is a public post, No Way! But I shall say that if I was a boy I would have been named Anthony.
Birth date: February
Birthplace: Michigan
Current Location: My couch…in Michigan
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Real? Dark Brown. But, currently a light reddish-brown
Height: 5'2"
Righty or Lefty: Right
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

LAYER TWO: On The Inside
Your heritage: English, Irish, Dutch, and Lebanese.
Shoes you wore today: Sketchers
Your weakness: Procrastination, impatience, laziness, and occasional bouts of social anxiety
Your fears: I hate snakes. I’m not keen on heights. Mike Huckbee being president.
Your perfect pizza: Lots of crust, ham, mushroom, possibly onion and tomato.
Goal you'd like to achieve: Wow. There are probably too many to list here.

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your most overused phrase on AIM: Hee
Your thoughts first waking up: Already?
Your best physical feature: Hair, I guess.
Your bedtime: It varies. Ideally I should be in bed by 11, but it’s usually closer to twelve and sometimes as late as 1-1:30.
Your most missed memory: Huh? If it’s a memory then how can it be missed? And if it’s lost, how can I recall it?!

Pepsi or Coke: Coke, I guess, but I have nothing against Pepsi.
Mc Donald's or Burger King: McDonalds
Single or group dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: I have no brand preference, but I currently own Sketchers
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Either
Cappuccino or coffee: Depends

Smoke: Never.
Cuss: A little. I use “damn” and “hell” most often. Occasionally, “Frak” since I don’t use the other F word
Sing: Sometimes, in the car with the CD blasting
Take a shower everyday: Yes.
Have a crush(es): Yes.
Think you've been in love: Maybe if circumstances had been different
Liked high school: Not really. I can’t say it was horrific, but I was painfully shy which led to a lack of friends
Want to get married: It really depends if I meet the right guy and he’d have to be very accommodating of my set-in ways
Believe in yourself: Yes, probably to a fault sometimes
Get motion sickness: No
Think you're attractive: Eh. I’ve seen worse. ;)
Think you're a health freak: Nope
Get along with your parents: Well, my dad’s dead so we’ll leave him out and, yeah, I get along with my mom most of the time…when she’s not getting on my nerves. ;)
Like thunderstorms: Sure
Play an instrument: I played the flute in high school

LAYER SIX: In the past month...
Drank alcohol: A drink or two
Smoked: No
Done a drug: Only prescribed
Gone on a date: No
Gone to the mall: No
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: What?! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more than six in a sitting
Been on stage: Actually, technically, yes. It involved the firm Christmas Party. It was surprisingly un-humiliating
Been dumped: No
Gone skating: No
Gone skinny dipping: NEVER.
Dyed your hair: Yes
Stolen anything: No

Played a game that required removal of clothing: No
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: No. Really, No.
Ben caught "doing something": Huh? Unless asleep, aren’t we all doing something?
Been called a tease: Yes
Gotten beaten up: No
Shoplifted: No

LAYER EIGHT: Getting Older
Age you hope to be married: When I was young I thought I would have been married in my late twenties. That ship has sailed. Now I don’t really care.
How do you want to die: Painlessly
What do you want to be when you grow up: Grow up? MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
What country would you most like to visit: England and Spain

LAYER NINE: In a girl/guy
Best eye color?: Doesn't matter. I think I’m one of the few Jamie Bamber fans not wowed by his eye color
Best hair color?: Not really an issue for me
Short or long hair: Short or short-ish
Height: Again, not an issue
Best articles of clothing: A really nice suit or jeans and a tee shirt, preferably black
Best first date location: A nice restaurant and a movie – I’m pretty casual

LAYER TEN: In The Numbers...
Number of drugs taken illegally: Zero
Number of people I could trust with my life: Not counting my mom? A few
Number of CDs that I own: A hundred, maybe
Number of piercings: One in each ear lobe
Number of tattoos: None
Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper?: Three, I think.
Number of scars on my body: Several tiny ones
Number of things in my past that I regret: Many, but things not done rather than done

Super brief, non-spoilery TV thoughts:

Friday Night Lights - I miss the first season.

Stargate: Atlantis - I love Ronan. That minute between just he and Teyla? Awesome! The rest? :p

The trend lives! HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY molly_may! May the rest of the year be as relaxing as your birthday was.
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