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More Joy!

Since it's after Midnight where I live, sdwolfpup 's More Joy Day Challenge is here! I'm sure others have awesome things prepared, I just found time to plug away at some small things. I did manage to accomplish something on my resolutions list - do one new thing a month. I'm posting icons!


I am not a great icon maker. If you couldn't tell. ;p  A combination of lack of experience and mediocre software contributes to that. But I had ideas and thought, what the hell? Actually, the ideas were inspired by, in order, mata090680 , xwacky , and the lady of the day, sdwolfpup . If you feel like grabbing one, be my guest. What do icon makers say? Oh, yeah, credit is nice and no hotlinking. Though given I have uploaded them to LJ I don't think it's an issue.

For admireddisorder, I'm working on that Lee Adama meta.  You all may be beginning to sense a theme with this day. ;)
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