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More Joy!

Since it's after Midnight where I live, sdwolfpup 's More Joy Day Challenge is here! I'm sure others have awesome things prepared, I just found time to plug away at some small things. I did manage to accomplish something on my resolutions list - do one new thing a month. I'm posting icons!


I am not a great icon maker. If you couldn't tell. ;p  A combination of lack of experience and mediocre software contributes to that. But I had ideas and thought, what the hell? Actually, the ideas were inspired by, in order, mata090680 , xwacky , and the lady of the day, sdwolfpup . If you feel like grabbing one, be my guest. What do icon makers say? Oh, yeah, credit is nice and no hotlinking. Though given I have uploaded them to LJ I don't think it's an issue.

For admireddisorder, I'm working on that Lee Adama meta.  You all may be beginning to sense a theme with this day. ;)
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\o/ Yay, asta! I love the text on the first one, and the pose in the second one (hee), and of course the smile in the last one. :)
I saw the "Don't Objectify Me" text used on a SPN/Dean icon and I thought, "That would be perfect for Jamie!" ;)

Ooh, where are the first two pictures from? Screencaps? I love his pose in the middle one.
The first and last images are from the Howard Webster photo shoot done for Factory Magazine in early 2007. The middle image was cropped from the cast promo photo that recently appeared in Entertainment Weekly. This is how it appears in the magazine. If you don't want some minor spoilage, don't enlarge to read the text. And here is a photoshopped version that I used with all the text and red dots removed.

My only disappointment with the icons is a lost some sharpness with the images. I might play around with that some more, but I was on a deadline! :)
I've always had the problem of images getting less sharp when shrinking them, which has always puzzled me(I get it with enlarging, but shouldn't it be the other way around?), but then again I know nothing of graphics programs.

And duh! Of course I saw that promo picture! Just didn't recognise it. Silly me. (Please don't revoke my fannish membership! ;-)
I don't get how shrinking reduces image quality either! I've enlarged pictures to the point they become distorted, but I've always thought the smaller the image, the better the quality. I guess I just have to play around with it some more. I'd like to create a new banner for my LJ, but I'm waiting for the new promo pictures to debut. ::crosses fingers for a pic of Lee and Laura together::

And, no worries, you still have your fannish membership. Though you are treading dangerously close to it being revoked. ;p
Thanks. :) I'm actually pleased with how the text turned out. I shall never admit how long I spent on it.
Yay! The pretties!

Love them all, especially "The Thinker!" ;)

Snatched all three, and will credit...

You are very talented at making icons. I like how you cropped the pictures. Always have trouble with that myself. While you are at it, is there any chance you can make an icon out of the drawing you did on Jamie? I loved it, even more than the original picture itself.
Thanks! Cropping and text I was pretty happy with. I just need to work on getting a bit better clarity with the images.

That is an extremely flattering comment about my drawing. Thank you, again. I hadn't thought about iconing it, but I could give it a try. I'm just a bit concerned how the drawing will convert when shrinking it down. If it turns out OK I'll post here. :)
Erm, I'm not sure there's much you can do about the clarity. I think it has to do with the quality (i.e. resolution) of the original picture you are working with. If the original is low-res, even though its size maybe decent, you still loose quality when you shrink it, especially to a small 100x100 pixel size.

Also I'm guessing different softwares perform differently too. I like to use Photoshop. Unfortunately my trial license expired, and I couldn't cough up enough money to purchase one. So I'm using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop and resize my icons these days. I noticed the quality just isn't the same...

One suggestion, although I don't know if it makes a difference at all, is trying to convert the original picture into a different format. For example, if your original image is in jpeg or gif format, maybe you can try to convert it into png format instead, and then scale it, see if you'll get a better quality. Just a thought...

I'm waiting eagerly for the icon made from your drawing... :D
Hi there! I like that Jamie Joy icon and will probably use it to spread more joy! Crediting you, of course. I also saw your Lee meta post which was awesome and will respond there when I get a moment. And probably with that same Joy icon since it is so happymaking. :-) Thanks!
Hey there! I get to thank you for the inspiration! Which, in turn, has led to some great discussion that brings me joy. So, again, I thank you! And I look forward to you comments. :)
I don't know what you're talking about saying you're not great at this - these are wonderful!! Have snagged and will credit when used - thanks