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Today Will be More Joy Spamming Day

Feel free to blame sdwolfpup. ;p

First off, Chuck makes it's return to the NBC lineup for two hours on Thursday January 24th, from 8 to 9 and then 10 to 11est. Yeah, I typed that up right. The Televisionary has the screwy details here.

And I need you to help me give my money away! Back on January 1, I offered to donate $10 a month to the charity of your choice - more details here. Thus far, I'm only booked up through May so I need seven of you to cough up good causes. ;) I figured it's a good way to spread joy or at least a little help to some deserving organizations.
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Yay for More Joy Spamming Day!!!

If you still have some charities open, would you consider giving $10 to Heifer International? You could buy a bunny for a third world family for ten bucks, or else buy any other ten dollar item you can find. Thank you so much! Here's the link:
Still have openings! It's weird, I actually received a catalog from that organization a couple months ago. No clue how they got my name, but I flipped through the catalog and it seemed like an interesting way of helping people.
My favorite charitable organization is Modest Needs. They help families on the brink of devastation keep from lapsing into the poverty zone. I heart them something fierce.
I am great at spending money! *cough*

How about Old Dog Haven is a shelter in Washington that specializes in caring for dogs in their "golden years," especially elderly dogs with medical issues. That link takes you straight to the donation page, since it's woefully difficult to find. It's Paypal only, though, so if you don't have that, I can find a back-up charity.
Awwww, a doggie retirement community. =) I have a Paypal account, so no worries about getting the money there.
I don't know that I care for this news regarding Chuck. Why change the night and yeah, like the guy says, why use them in January instead of February. Hmmph. ::is not well-pleased::

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In this strike season it's been madness! I think the networks are just confused as to what to do with what little product they have left.
Thanks for the news about CHUCK...I was wondering what was happening!

Meanwhile - how about donating to KIVA.ORG - a worldwide microlender to third world small businesses. I'd request that you focus on businessWOMEN where possible...but not going to force ya.

I'm actually familiar with that organization and really admire what they do. And I have no problem supporting businesswomen. :)
Hey kiddo, if you still have room I'd like to endorse The Arthritis Foundation I'm sure you know why it's so important to me.

And, I forgot to tell you how much I loved your card! Very clever, very funny, and some pretty pictures :) I'm all for restarting our weekly chats again too. I need to post about it so we can all decide which day is best. And, come hell or high water (the literal truth in some parts of the county), we will get our presents out this weekend.
I'm glad so many people provided links today. :) Yes, definitely, still room.

No worries about the presents. As I said in a pre-Christmas post, with my birthday being in February, it's like a two month celebration for me. :)
Thanks for the info about Chuck! I don't understand it, but I appreciate the details.;)
Hiya, Asta!

If you're still looking for charities, here's the National MS Society.

A telemarketer called me looking for a donation to the MS Society recently. I told her that I have MS and am already a member. Apparently, that response isn't in their scripts, because it really threw her. I don't know what they tell the telemarketers about MS but they must emphasize the worst cases. The telemarketer said, "Oh, are they helping you?" I replied, "Well, I don't really need anything right now. I'm good." "Because they can help you," she continued, "They can widen your doorways." That struck me as hilarious that that was the detail this woman had fixated on. Not a word about research, education, advocacy or support groups, just doorway widening. I know that's important for those in wheelchairs, but still! I was a little afraid she was gonna send a crew over to my place to widen the doorways in my condo! Anyway, I don't know how much they're drumming up with this doorway widening campaign, but I found their educational materials helpful and comforting when I was diagnosed. And, of course, some people do need their doorways widened.

You're a nice girl, Asta.

As Always,
Thanks EE. =)

And I shall definitely add your charity to the list. I know how important it is to you even though you are, thankfully, in good health now.

It is odd that the telemarketer you got seemed most concerned about the width of your doorways. Granted, I know something like that can be an issue, but research and medical support would seem to be bigger concerns. Well, at least she seemed to genuinely care.