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X-Files Joy, Inspired by Brynnmck

brynnmck posted has been posting many excellent lists of recs covering various media today and in her last post she included Music of Joy!. Included on the list was Marc Cohn's "Walking in Memphis". I love this song, but I cam to love it some time after it's release after Cher's version was used in The X-Files episode, 'The Post-Modern Prometheus'. Now, this, imho, is a flawed episode, but also, imho, it has one of the BEST ENDING EVA. So I went to YouTube and, sure enough, it's there. It's only a few seconds really, but it's a few seconds of awesomeness. The Gesture. The Look. THE DANCING! EEEEEEE!!! In other words, Joy! :)

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I SO understand you right now!!! And there are rumors that one of the channels here will start to repeat X-files! Can you believe it? I'm bouncing already :)
Gah! You know they were scripted to kiss at the end of that scene, right? I could have sworn I've seen an outtake of it before, but damned if I can find it now!
Now that you mention it, I seem to recall an alternate take with them kissing. When I was *really* into the show I had only occasional internet access through work and was just discovering this thing called fandom so I probably saw the clip or a screencap once then never again. Bookmarking? Would have had no clue about that. It would be great to see that footage again now.
It's funny because most people who know me are shocked to know that I did not LOOOOOOOOOOVE The X-Files. It is apparently exactly my kind of show, except for the fact that it wasn't and I never really got into it. That episode, however, I remember and loved. Excellent ending. The high five is my favourite part.
EEeeeee! I must have watched that a hundred times back in the day. So much joy!
years later and that STILL gets me weepy by the end. Damn you, Chris Carter!
I know what you mean. I hadn't thought about that clip in quite some time and watching it again all the reasons I loved that show came flooding back. As well as Chris Carter ruining it all. :p
Oh. I miss that so much. Loved loved loved that episode. Thank you!
Okay, that little scene has turned me into an instant fan! :) I need to see some episodes.
You never watched the show?!?! I'm shocked! Should I tell you that it's usually filmed in color? ;)
Hee :) I do believe I saw some of the promos in color. ;) It was one of those shows that I kept saying I was going to watch but never did. I think Cindy did buy one of the episode packages that came out a couple of years ago, so I will fill some of my free time watching them. I was grinning from ear to ear watching that clip - I think it was David's smile that did it :)
Oh wow. That's a hit of nostalgia. God I loved the X-Files once. I was 11 when I started watching it, I think. I'd just started high school and the kids on the bus stop used to talk about it so one night, I put it on. My ma came in when Scully was autopsying Kujo or something and asked if it wasn't too scary for me to be watching. I said no, it was just a dead dog. But she could watch it with me if she was worried. She said no, it was too scary for her and left me to it, and I remember being really disappointed she wasn't a more controlling parental figure at that moment!

But seriously, that fandom spans such a weird time in my life because I was actively in love with it from the time I was barely eleven through going to university. I find it hard to remember how I've changed as a person unless I have context for it. Remembering season 1 and remembering season 9 are drastically different experiences. And I'd...forgotten about that for a good long time.

Also, like you, I'm not full on with the Mulder/Scully love which is irritating because...because I owe this show a hell of a lot in terms of finding my identity as a geek and finding friends and growing up and I always told myself I'd stick with it until the end no matter how bad it got, because I owed it that much.

But I didn't. It was one of my first great disillusionments really. Though perhaps that's a bit of a sad thing to admit... Either way, getting invested in this couple again is both wonderful because it's just...I remember so much good stuff about my obsession with this show. But also scary because...there's no good way it'll end. Season 10 looms.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. As you can see, TXF is a...complicated topic for me!
I love your rambling! And I find it very interesting to read people's personal experiences with fandom. I can't say I have the deep connection to it you do, but, like you, It was the first show that really burned me too. I've quit other shows before they ended, but none that I loved as much as The X-Files. It was probably the first show I was really invested in the characters. As I said in my Lee Adama post (which you haven't commented on yet...not that I'm BITTER ;p), ST:TNG I loved, but I didn't have a favorite character or anyone I could identify with on any level. Then came the The X-Files and Mulder and Scully. And I was heavily invested in them as a couple. They taught me what shippers and shipping was, damn them. ;) But they also taught me the heartbreak of shipping. Chris Carter may have been the most arrogant of all showrunners. And people can criticize DD all they want, but I will forever be grateful to him for fighting for that kiss between he and Scully before leaving the show.