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It was a lovely day here today, yet I spent almost all of it indoors on my computer. There is cleaning that needs to be done. And laundry. But it was worth blowing off everything else because it was a joy to get caught up on comments on my Lee Adama post. I’ve loved talking about Lee (and Laura by extension ;) and having people make me think even more about the characters and series. Not that my love for the show ever went away, but having this kind of discussion has made me so anxious for April.

It would seem sunpotted had a birthday. HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY! I hope it wasn’t too snarky or bitter for you. ;-)

I finally watched the Doctor Who Christmas special this afternoon. Overall, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Kylie Minogue, who I knew little about as an actress, impressed me. And while I felt the underlying story was weak, the characters were well developed. Having London clear out because of what has happened the last two Christmases? Hilarious. And seeing the Queen run down the hall, then waving, was a hoot.

I do wish the body count had been lower. For a Christmas special it’s depressing to see so many people die. Though, I guess we are suppose to take into account the Doctor saved six billion people on earth. Astrid I figured was a goner as soon as she asked to go with the Doctor and he eagerly accepted.

Which brings me to some quibbles. Perhaps the Doctor has always been eager to accept new companions, I only know Nine and Ten, but I now feel I’m seeing the same scene play out over and over. And the kisses? If I were a Doctor/Rose shipper I think I would be pissed.

The one scene that really irked me was being taken in hand by the ‘angels’ and flying towards the heavens. This is the second time we’ve seen a Christ-like Doctor saving humanity and it’s heavy-handed to the point of being offensive.

I’ve noticed that FNL chatter has gotten a lot quieter as the season has progressed. I’m not giving up on the show, but I’ve definitely gone from thinking it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen to, well, it’s better than a lot of crap on the air. I don’t know which is worse that the show no longer knows how to include all it’s cast members in an episode or that it is resorting to ‘TV moments’. This weeks WTF managed to turn into another WTF moment. Sigh.

I’ve been going round and round as to how to address this past Friday’s Stargate: Atlantis. I’m not one who wants to squash anyone else’s squee and I don’t want my waste my time writing up a negative review, especially when it seems that danceswithwords and I seem to have reached a decision to give up and watch DVDs on Fridays until BSG returns.

But then it came to me, via Gateworld. A promo pic for the forthcoming Stargate: Continuum. I’ll let Sam, Cam, and Daniel’s expression sum up how I feel:

Stargate Continuum Group Photo

And in the spirit of wanting to show how awesome SGA could be, I highly recommend going to jescaflowne’s LJ and downloading her vid ‘Another Sunday’.
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