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Shouldn't it be called the 'John Conner Chronicles'?

Anyone else watch Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles tonight? I haven't seen any chatter on my Flist. I'm not sure how I feel about it at this point. I thought there were some good, tense moments followed by really bad, lazy writing. I loved Summer Glau though. She kicks ass as well as any male action star. I'll give it some time before I pass final judgment. Many shows don't grab me from the pilot.

ETA: wisteria_ did her own love post, why she loves Kara Thrace , which is quite awesome. I think everyone should do this. It's so fascinating to read how one came to BSG and why they love their favorite character. Maybe someone could even manage to make me start liking Adama again. Probably not. ;)
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I enjoyed it quite a bit and am looking forward to tomorrow night's episode. And yes, Summer Glau is fabulous.
I think my big problem is that some of it seemed really well thought out and then we'd have a moment like where Sarah's house is shot up and the La-Z-Boy chair saves her life. They did remember that time travel is only possible naked though. ;)
I just got through watching it, and I also liked the show and loved Summer. There was definitely some clunky writing, but that's not unusual for a pilot. In a comparison between female-action shows, it was a wayyy better first impression than Bionic Woman, heh.
I wouldn't even insult TSCC (yes, I'm abbreviating already!) by comparing it to BW. The writing and acting are far superior. I definitely didn't feel offended by anything I saw tonight.

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I did, I did.

It's one of the few shows I'd been looking forward to seeing. The press had been so profuse in its praise that it sounded quite promising, and I was eager to see Summer Glau - I love watching her. The show held my interest well enough to get me back in front of the tv set for part 2 of the premiere tomorrow night. I liked the first two Terminator movies (never saw the third), liked the character of Sarah Connor (although it's an adjustment to accept the not Linda Hamilton woman) and I like the concept for the show. And it's got Summer in a compelling role. Wouldn't it have been fun if Adam Baldwin had played the evil robot?
I actually had read some mixed reviews, which was good, it stopped me from getting my hopes too high. I'm not sure how I feel about this Sarah yet. She's more motherly and affectionate, but the actress is leaving me a bit cold. Then again, she's another Brit suppressing an accent (and doing a fine job of it). I know from reading interviews with Jamie Bamber he felt his performance in the BSG mini was stiff (I would agree to an extent) because he had to act and worry about the accent at the same time. Now he doesn't have to think much about it.

I'll be curious to hear an explanation as to why the terminators we are seeing are the 'old skool' models. Granted, the liquid metal versions are too cost prohibitive to produce for TV, but they need to come up with a plausible explanation. Cameron confirmed she is different. She definitely is better programmed (?) to pass as human.
Hmm... I watched TAR instead. Are they rerunning it?

*checks fox.com* Nope, not tonight and Fox's site is evil.
I could have sworn they later flashbacked to show her armoring up the chairs and hiding guns in the walls or whatever. I didn't watch it last night so I'm only remembering from the "leaked" pilot six months ago or whatever.
Those screeners have a tendency to be a bit longer. Perhaps they did have a scene with her armoring the chair and it was cut? That would have helped to explain a lot. Because that chair was riddled with bullets!
Oh - last night gave me double dose of JW alumni on my TV. Besides the long anticipated arrival of kick-ass SG, ASH surprised me by showing up as the Baronet in the Masterpiece production of Jane Austin's Persuasion on PBS. He was wonderful: proud, pompous, and vain, but in a dignified, reserved, not at all OTT sort of way.

I swear I wasn't looking for it, but I caught an S7ish Spuffy vibe between the daughter and her OTL naval officer from whom, eight years previously at age nineteen, she'd been persuaded to break her engagement. The deja vu was probably helped by the presence of ASH, even though apart from the posh British accent and disapproval, the characters of Giles and the Baronet were not otherwise alike. But the daughter played such convincing, profound emotional repression (I thought she would break, she was so brittle), and the officer, having been already rejected and seemingly with no hope of her, was so reserved and diffident towards her, that the similarities were all too apparent.

Great fun.
I forgot it was on and totally wanted to see it; never saw the movies so when I realized I was missing it - there was only 15 minutes left and I was utterly lost. And it doesn't seem to be available online. Why wouldn't they repeat it - air it right before part 2 tomorrow. I hate Fox. :(
I didn't realize it was on last night until logging into LJ today; fortunately, I set a TiVO season pass for it, so it should be waiting for me at home tonight. I would be lost without the TiVO.
If you ever had to run for your life and could only grab two possessions I envision a TIVO under one arm and your laptop under the other.
I rather enjoyed it and expect to see what's to be seen. I wasn't ass over teakettle but still... i shall watch again tonight.

I did have 2 quibbles 1. the LazyBoy death scene which everyone agrees is impossible and 2. no weirding out over seeing your MOM nakkie?! WTF? and ditto vice versa?!
Well, some families are more liberal than others. NOT MINE, but some. Plus, after everything they've been through, seeing each other naked? Eh.
Maybe someone could even manage to make me start liking Adama again. Probably not. ;)
Hahahahahaa nah. :D