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The Sarah Conner Chronicles Part Deux

I was amused by the power walk in the (pretty spiffy) opening credits. Though not by the sight of tiny Summer carrying the really big gun. It was John who struck me as out of place with these two women who can seriously kick ass.

As Sarah angrily tells Cameron she screwed things up and deprived her of seven years pf valuable time preparing John, Cameron drops a bombshell - she died two years ago. Interesting since it nullifies Terminator 3. Of course, Sarah can still die from cancer, but it's clear she's going to try and prevent that from happening.

How can they be in the future for three days and not only have a house, but one that is bigger than my apartment? Of course, with the housing market the way it is they could have just found it empty. But that wouldn't explain the cell phone. These little details are killing me.

Directed by David Nutter - it did have a bit of an X-Files look about it.

John is suppose to be the savior of humankind yet doesn't know to not search his name on a public computer? Sigh.

Was the 9/11 inclusion really necessary? It's becoming a cheap storytelling shortcut.

I'm not keen on the narration. I hate being told things I can pretty much figure out from watching the show.

I did think this was a stronger episode than the pilot. We're getting past the 'let's recap for those that never saw the movies' and more into the characters. Anyone else suspect that Sarah's ex may be married to a cyborg?

For those that missed the premiere, does have the first episode up now here.

So anyone iconing this show yet? I'd like a Cameron icon. :)
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