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The Sarah Conner Chronicles Part Deux

I was amused by the power walk in the (pretty spiffy) opening credits. Though not by the sight of tiny Summer carrying the really big gun. It was John who struck me as out of place with these two women who can seriously kick ass.

As Sarah angrily tells Cameron she screwed things up and deprived her of seven years pf valuable time preparing John, Cameron drops a bombshell - she died two years ago. Interesting since it nullifies Terminator 3. Of course, Sarah can still die from cancer, but it's clear she's going to try and prevent that from happening.

How can they be in the future for three days and not only have a house, but one that is bigger than my apartment? Of course, with the housing market the way it is they could have just found it empty. But that wouldn't explain the cell phone. These little details are killing me.

Directed by David Nutter - it did have a bit of an X-Files look about it.

John is suppose to be the savior of humankind yet doesn't know to not search his name on a public computer? Sigh.

Was the 9/11 inclusion really necessary? It's becoming a cheap storytelling shortcut.

I'm not keen on the narration. I hate being told things I can pretty much figure out from watching the show.

I did think this was a stronger episode than the pilot. We're getting past the 'let's recap for those that never saw the movies' and more into the characters. Anyone else suspect that Sarah's ex may be married to a cyborg?

For those that missed the premiere, does have the first episode up now here.

So anyone iconing this show yet? I'd like a Cameron icon. :)
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I've enjoyed it so far (and I'm glad its on at 9pm so I'll usually be home in time, yay!) It's held my attention, which is unusual since I have the attention span of a 4 year old. I did cringe when John got fed up and went out because I knew that was going to end badly.

Hmm I should find some promo shots and make some icons maybe??
I did cringe when John got fed up and went out because I knew that was going to end badly.

Me too. I couldn't believe he would be that stupid and irresponsible after everything that had happened. I wish that they would have found another way to compromise their security without compromising John's character. And was it the cell phone he was playing with - recording what sounded like voice mail messages joking about being the future leader of the world? That'll come back to bite them all in the ass, no doubt. I mean, just what does it take to convince him that their danger is real?
The biggest problem I'm having with John right now is that the John Conner in T2, who was two years younger, was much more savvy about protecting himself. I can't really buy the 'he's a teenager and not thinking' excuse.
You don't get home before 9?!?!

I wouldn't dissuade you from making icons. ;)
You don't get home before 9?!?!

that is frequently the case, alas.

I wouldn't dissuade you from making icons

I think I shall *ahem* it towards that end :D
Actually, from what I recall of T3, the way they wrote Linda Hamilton (who didn't sign on) out of canon is that they had Sarah die of cancer... Or do you mean that this series nullifies it? Because yeah, pretty much. And good riddance to bad rubbish. *clings to T2*

Anyone else suspect that Sarah's ex may be married to a cyborg?

Whoa, that didn't occur to me at all. *ponders* Now we've got another fandom in which we can play 'who's the cylon'...
I meant the time jump twist nullifies her dying of cancer, at least in 2005, and helps explain some otherwise huge ass inconstancies with the movie. Since they've rewritten history I guess we can ignore the third film? Of course, how will this mesh with T4 which will be going into production?

Now we've got another fandom in which we can play 'who's the cylon'...

Hee. True!
T4 could just take place in T3's timeline, I suppose. Hell, it could even end with John sending back Cameron--along with the Arnold from T3, since T3 was a causality loop if I remember correctly.
I've heard a little bit about the upcoming Terminator film. Supposedly John isn't the focus of it, but will be in a fifth installment. They must be filming two back-to-back. I do have a feeling we'll see him send someone back, perhaps his own father?
It wouldn't make any sense for him to send his father back, though, would it? Because his father came from a different timeline and all.
It's been years since I've watched The Terminator, but I thought they established that John sent Kyle back to protect him mother? I remember Sarah, at the end of the film, recording a message to John and debating whether or not to tell him that Kyle was his father because the knowledge may change what he does. I just thought it would be a neat way to come full circle if we saw an adult John make the decision to send his dad back in time.
Yes, The Terminator is a causality loop, and in its future, John sends Kyle back to be his father. The problem is, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, history is changed and that future is overwritten (even though Judgment Day is revealed in T3 to only be pushed back, not averted). Kyle is still presumably a resistance fighter in that timeline, but that version of Kyle isn't John's father.
I didn't snag on the cell phone. Why couldn't Sarah have bought a pay as you go? No contract involved.

But where did she even get all the money? She didn't have any pockets! Maybe Cameron beat up some people for cash. ;)
That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Not to mention, aren't she and John supposed to know all sorts of ways to steal/hack/other money? If nonething else, I'm sure they're both stellar pickpockets.
i was undecided after the pilot, but after seeing the second ep i've decided i'm not wasting my time on this one. it doesn't have plot holes, it has plot canyons. i am really REALLY tired of people writing movies and tv shows assuming the audience is stupid, has never cracked open a physics book, or completely shuts down their brain whenever they turn on the tv set.

maybe i'm just a spoiled b*tch, but nothing - NOTHING - compares to bsg. bsg ruined tv for me. everytime i try giving a show a chance i end up turning the thing off and shaking my head muttering "this just isn't bsg". my life is a sad sad affair!
nothing - NOTHING - compares to bsg.

I'll agree with you on that. ;-)

I'm probably a bit more forgiving because of the lack of any new, scripted TV right now. I think the 2007-2008 season is over. As much as I can appreciate the time to catch up on DVDs, I do like having the ability to turn on the TV occasionally and actually find something to watch...until April. ;)

i understand, and, frankly, compared to other drivel on tv at the moment, it isn't bad at all. i've just lost my patience with "okay", and want the "awesome". which is bsg. :D

i also think it's a lot easier for me since i barely turn on the tv. :)
you know something else i just realized that's bothered me since the second ep? that they've got "killer robots" and another strong woman dying - slowly and painfully - of cancer while trying to save humanity's future.

good god!
You know, I can't for one second complain about the "quality" of TSCC when more people tuned in to watch someone play a random guessing game last night. Good god, we as a people don't even deserve to be squished by skynet.

I will complain about the name. Not that it should be the john conner chronicles. Only that it's too close to the future Dr. Who spinnoff's and that it takes too long to say it so Hedley says it too quickly in the voiceover and it sounds even dumber. Just like Glau was forced to say the "come with me if you want to live" line too fast.
You must have seen the same article I did about the ratings last night. It is depressing. I'm sure some studio execs are sitting around going, "See! We don't need writers!" And while I do watch some reality TV (TAR and Project Runway currently), I cannot watch when the point is to make people look sad and foolish. It's why I never watch the early eps of American Idol. Making fun of delusional people with emotional problems is not funny.

The name is just too damn long. What amused me is even the FOX site is utilizing TSCC as an abbreviation.
My husband's theory is that people were confused by the two nights in a row thing. The encouraging thing about the ratings is that they grew as the hour progressed (which almost never happens) and the show ended up in the #2 spot for the hour and 3rd overall in demos for the whole night. So that's good. Anyways, Alex thinks people were flipping around and decided it was better than the other crap they were watching, so it'll be interesting to see what happens next week.

I've been enjoying the show. Thoroughly entertaining. Summer and the mom are excellent together. John annoys me, but that seems rather inevitable.

As for the name, I kind of think they're faced with a more onerous version of Battlestar's problem. You need people to recognize the name of the show and have a vague idea of what it's about. But once the show is popular it's just rather cumbersome. But it's not like "John Connor's Story" or whatever would have been all that self-evident (or much shorter). And just "terminator" would have sounded like a horrible game show or reality TV show. But I agree the name is unwieldy.

I clearly don't watch enough reality as I have no idea what TAR is. I watch Project Runway and Man vs. Wild. That's about it. Unless you count Mythbusters.

ETA: The Amazing Race! Figured it out! Never seen an ep.
I've seen talk that it would have been wiser to do a two hour premiere and I agree. I wonder if people saw that it was airing on Sunday and Monday and thought that FOX was repeating the same episode for those who had missed it. It's become such a common practice for networks to repeat episodes within the week I could see how FOX's sceeduling may cause confusion.

John annoys me, but that seems rather inevitable.

John annoyed me in T2, not in T3, but that may have to do with my appreciation of Nick Stahl. ;) I wasn't keen on this actor when he was on Heroes either so I'm not sure how I will relate to this incarnation of John Conner.

This is the first season I've watched TAR. ;) And from the recaps I read it seems this is one of the better seasons so I guess I got lucky. I can't say I'm a devoted fan now, but with the lack of scripted TV it's one reality show I can watch that isn't intent on humiliating people and doesn't insult my intelligence.
This post is mostly just a thinly-veiled excuse to wish you a happy birthday :) I had hoped to find you a Hicks ecard I could send you, but it turns out that nobody online does them. So, if you could just imagine a virtual Hicks card...

Many happy returns - may the next year be a good one for you :)

I had the chance to see the first part of TSCC last night. (See, I said I had an excuse.) I wasn't paying as much attention as I should've been, although I did stay up an hour longer than I would normally to watch it.

I'm rather conflicted over the premiere. It had some compelling features - I like the way they're handling Sarah, and the series has a good Terminator like feel to it. I think Summer Glau makes an interesting choice for a Terminator, and her skill as a dancer makes her very convincing in the fight scenes, much moreso than I think would be the case if someone else were playing the character. That was all good. The plot looked reasonably intelligent, although I'm already poking holes in various places. I do like the way they shifted the premise by using the time machine; that felt like a reasonable twist to take the show away from T3 without ignoring the film completely.

There are a few things that bother me a little, though. John is probably the biggest; he doesn't come across as being as mature as I'd expect him to be, something I notice you've touched on that above. The dynamic between the characters also feels a little off; I like Sarah, but she doesn't have that broken, jagged edge I remember from T2. I like Summer Glau, and I think she's channeling the physical, solid nature of the Terminator bodyguard in a believeable way. However, John's character feels... weaker. In some ways, he feels a little like he's been selected to be the comic relief for the other two - and that worries me, not because he might be that but because it feels that way. I can't help feeling that if the series is going to work, then it needs to be gritty so that moments of levity feel like genuine relief and amusement, and if his character feels like it's not being written with that level of seriousness, it'll weaken the series.

It interested me enough that I'm going to watch it again over the weekend, see how I feel on a second watch.
I wouldn't judge the series too much by the first few eps. Especially since Cameron's character changes in a significant way from the pilot and as the series progresses you understand why they made that change.

I've warmed to John in recent weeks. I had a real fear about the future savior of humanity being the weak link in the show. While he hasn't necessarily shown the toughness or maturity he'll need someday, you do see him making decisions on his own, independent of his mother and what she may choose to do. Without getting too spoilery, in the last episode he worries about a choice he's made and how Sarah will react and she tells him he did the right thing. You see this moment of pride from Sarah, knowing everything she has done is, in fact, preparing him for the future. Not that he's ready to be a leader yet, but decision by decision he is getting there.

And thanks for the birthday wishes. :)