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The BSG Love is Spreading

More character and ship love posts! WOO!

To begin with, I had really, really hoped admireddisorder would be inspired to do a Laura Roslin post and she has - 'Why I Love Laura Roslin'. :) pellucid, you must give this a read. One paragraph in particular made me think of our discussion about Laura and, by extension, Lee.

I already mentioned a couple days ago wisteria_'s 'Why I love Kara Thrace', but now there is a Part 2 up with more to come.

And things have come full circle. daybreak777's Kara love post from some time ago had inspired my Lee love post which, along with Wisteria's post, inspired Daybreak to think about when and why she fell for Lee/Kara.

Oh, and I just spotted that queenofthorns has posted a Ten Things She Loves About Lee post. (You can also admire an awesome picture of John Chrichton. ;)

So now we just need some folks to come forward and share their love of Baltar, Tigh, Helo, Boomer and/or Athena, Six, Adama (I'd really love to see that one ;p)...and the list can go on.
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