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The BSG Love is Spreading

More character and ship love posts! WOO!

To begin with, I had really, really hoped admireddisorder would be inspired to do a Laura Roslin post and she has - 'Why I Love Laura Roslin'. :) pellucid, you must give this a read. One paragraph in particular made me think of our discussion about Laura and, by extension, Lee.

I already mentioned a couple days ago wisteria_'s 'Why I love Kara Thrace', but now there is a Part 2 up with more to come.

And things have come full circle. daybreak777's Kara love post from some time ago had inspired my Lee love post which, along with Wisteria's post, inspired Daybreak to think about when and why she fell for Lee/Kara.

Oh, and I just spotted that queenofthorns has posted a Ten Things She Loves About Lee post. (You can also admire an awesome picture of John Chrichton. ;)

So now we just need some folks to come forward and share their love of Baltar, Tigh, Helo, Boomer and/or Athena, Six, Adama (I'd really love to see that one ;p)...and the list can go on.
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You should both do it! it would be interesting to see if you both come up with the same or different reasons.

It would be interesting for someone to come up with a post as to why they love one, but not the other model. It won't be me though!
I've been thinking about doing a "Why I love Gaius Baltar", but I'm kind of lazy. xD
t_gh and gaius are calling me! i feel rather guilty for not writing about them, after all. :)
Oh yes!!! Thanks so much for pointing me to that Laura Roslin post, for 'tis wonderful! (And also because now I don't feel like I should write one of my own! All my energy right now is going into trying to get into Laura's head for this fic, and I didn't really have the spare time/energy to devote to a meta post.)

I'm so thrilled to have suddenly fallen all in love with this show again in the past week or so. I might be happier if this were all happening two months from now when there would actually be new episodes coming soon, but whatever. Good stuff!!!
It's weird having this much enthusiasm again for the show and yet having to wait two and a half months before we get a new episode. But, hey, maybe we can get our fic writing acts together. ;)
I can do a 'why I-at-least-like-Bill-most-of-the-time' post. Will that count? :)
Is it a coincidence that you write about Adama and I have a headache? ;) I'll have to get back to you with thoughts tomorrow.
Wow, this is like totally awesome! The show! The characters! The love! Because I think I do love all, well most, of them in my own way. This is what the hiatus needed. Love. Even though they’ve cruelly made us wait for so long, we still love you BSG. We love your people. So much.

As for fic. Yes, no new shows, but the fic is brewing. I can feel it. ;-) At least I hope I can feel it.

Reading these are such fun, you can almost hear the squishy Love, well, squishing. *g* Thanks for spreading the love!

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It's awesome to see so many people getting their enthusiasm back for the show. Hopefully, we can keep the momentum building until April. :)

Now to work on the fic brew. ;)
Curses. You realise that with these excellent rec's, I'm now going to be tormenting myself until I can go and read/respond to them? ;)