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Before I forget, Sarah Michelle Geller is scheduled to be on The Late Show this evening. Set those VCRs/DVRs!

In other TV news, I did, in fact, skip watching SGA on Friday...sort of. After not watching the 10pm showing it dawned on me that OMG, there may have been a new BSG promo! so I ended up DVRing the repeat at Midnight. No new promo, sadly, but I ended up watching bits and pieces of SGA. I actually liked 25% of the ep! But given how character development is so quickly forgotten in the SGA universe a few minutes of goodness is not enough to suck me back in.

Instead, of SciFi's sci-fi Friday, danceswithwords and I watched episodes 2 and 3 of Charlie Jade. I'm really enjoying the series, but I don't feel as if I'm at the analysis/meta/deep thoughts point, yet. It does fit my main requirement for getting hooked on a show - really liking the characters. Accept for, and this seems to be a universal consensus, Jasmine. Her portrayer sucks and must be blowing someone on the production to have landed the part.

Saturday I had big plans to work on a post and/or fic and....I slept most of the day. I was pissed off at all that wasted time, but, on the other hand, my body must have been telling me something.

Sunday was the usual cleaning, laundry, trying to organize crap day while also watching no one I want to see in the Super Bowl advance to the Super Bowl. I put together a list of things I've been putting off for far too long and should start getting accomplished, including calling Comcast about getting HD. I discovered after getting my bill on Saturday that SciFi HD has been added to the line up. No clue when that happened because, ya know, Comcast only picks and chooses which changes to lineups, billing, etc they wish to announce. I also discovered, after a surprisingly un-aggravating call to customer service today, that I don't have to get their DVR to get the HD, there is an HD only converter box. The HD DVR box does have an hdmi connection which I suspect provides a bit better quality picture and I could record HD shows, but storage capacity for HD is still rather limited and I can't burn the eps in HD. So, I'm leaning towards my less expensive option. Plus, the HD converter boxes are suppose to be upgraded soon and I can swap boxes again in the future. Now I just need to haul myself to the Comcast office here in town to switch boxes because I am not paying them $19.95 to deliver and install.

On a joyful note (yeah, I'm just going to beat that to death ;), I enjoyed continuing to read various BSG character love/meta posts this weekend. After months and months...and months...of nothing to talk about or being bombarded with negativity, it's great to see so many people getting back their squee for the show. And there have been other benefits, for me, outside of the current fascinating discussions I've been following. This is the first time I can recall going back to older posts on LJ and picking up discussions once again. I love LJ for many reasons, but one thing that is not so great about it is that older conversations tend to get forgotten. Also, the post hopping has allowed me to 'meet' new people and gain some new insights and perspectives.

Another benefit of all this is that I'm paying more attention to the the actual writing of posts. I think I mentioned how I spent a lot of time writing my Lee post even though it wasn't particularly long. I tend to go off topic at times and get overly wordy and I was trying to be more conscious of that. I'm also paying more attention as to how others structure there posts, what sections grab my attention, or how the way something is presented can spark an idea. I really do want to be a better writer whether it's fic or meta or episode analysis and seeing so many others put the time and care into crafting their thoughts is helping me.

OK, off to make some cocoa and take some Advil because I have a headache coming on and don't know why. May or may not be back with TSCC thoughts later. I'm sure Summer will kick ass. ;)
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One thing I might get out of the writer's strike is enough time to rewatch all of BSG before the new season starts. Razor put me in a very good frame of mind about the show.
Recently, I was thinking about rewatching the mini again and seeing how things go from there. ;)
Poo--didn't see this post until it was too late to catch SMG. What's she up to these days?

I've been toying with going HD with comcast also. These children have nearly killed our tv (which, in its defense, is like 8 years old and they don't make 'em to last in this decade, apparently)so if/when we do get the new telly, it would support such goodness!

I need to get back into the habit of posting, period. I've been doing a ton of reading (and commenting) but not so much with the new content. That needs to change, yo!
What's she up to these days?

Um, movies? I didn't watch Letterman last night. I know, I'm a bad fan, but I was always more of a Buffy fan than a SMG fan.

If you get an HD TV make sure you get a true HD TV. There are some claiming to be HD and really aren't.

Yes! You need to post more! Though I understand how busy you've been.
Before I forget, Sarah Michelle Geller is scheduled to be on The Late Show this evening.

What was she wearing? Is it just me or did anyone else think that she was not entirely comfortable in those mile-high stilettos, strapless top and pencil, painted on skirt?

I recall reading somewhere an interview or statement where she complained that her established rule of no nudity has shut her out from many of the best roles, and that she was now ready to get naked for the right part (not even a paraphrase because I can't remember how she put it, but that was the gist of it). I'm wondering if that outfit was calculated to present a more mature, womanly Smidge - to expand her image sort a thing. But to me she didn't look comfortable - the first thing she did when she sat down was pull up and adjust her top. She's such a striking woman, but a lot of the outfits she wears to events don't particularly suit her or show her off to the best advantage.
I actually didn't watch last night. I've always been more of a Buffy fan, than a SMG fan, but, I agree, some of her recent outfits have been, yikes! She's such a pretty girl and could look stunning with the right dress.