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'The Sarah Conner Chronicles'

I don't want to accuse TSCC of ripping off BSG because the whole 'they can look like us' bit and the idea that machines could end up building smarter, better machines was done in The Terminator first. But John's comments about being a hero, letting the girl commit suicide, and what are they fighting for if they are going to be like them sounded a wee bit too much like something coming out of Lee's mouth. Not to mention, while I liked John better this week (he seemed more like the future leader of humanity), he seemed to have matured a lot in a matter of days. It will be interesting to see if this improved John Conner sticks around or the character was just written to fit the dictates of the story this week.

I wasn't quite sure why it was necessary to allow the girl to die until Sarah made the point about John's face ending up all over the news and we're confronted with the fact that sacrificing one life now could save billions later. Of course, they've tried to change history several times already and have failed so I can see John wanting to save as many lives as possible in the here and now. I also wonder if Cameron could have rushed up and pulled her back from the edge or would she be widely recognized too? It is very complicated and I do appreciate, like BSG, not making the heroes very heroic and having to make some devastating choices.

It was nice to see that Sarah will seek our alternatives when she can. I liked Andy and it clearly wasn't his intent to create something that could possibly mean doom for humankind. But to see his life's work, what gave his life meaning and purpose, destroyed in the fire was gut wrenching. She actually did kill a part of him.

While seeing the terminator reborn, so to speak, was genuinely creepy, I find it very hard to believe that, even with the correct formula, a scientist could whip up a batch of skin in his bathtub. I'm willing to hand wave quite a bit, but that was pushing it.

Every time I see Cameron fail miserably at trying to blend in I think of a remark David Eick's grandmother made about Six, "Poor little robot girl!"
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The terminator reborn in the tub I could do without. That whole subplot annoys me.

I was genuinely surprised when the girl killed herself. Not quite sure about what she was upset about. I wasnt paying enough attention. Something about her sleeping with someone.

Cameron must have reallly crappy programming considering how little she can "blend in".

Lena is no Linda Hamilton but she will do.
They were somewhat vague about why the girl was upset. The last image painted on the wall made me think she was sleeping with a teacher or someone in authority at the school. I don't think she would have been as upset had she been sleeping with another student.
The bathtub skin factory was gross; I wish we could get sf without gore. But I think I'm probably in the minority with that opinion...!

I don't recall where I saw it (perhaps from you!) that it seems odd that Cameron could seem like a normal teenager (SG's age aside), at the beginning, but is now suddenly is unable to act "normal". I felt that particularly in this ep.

I have found a screencap source ;)

*nods* OTOH, they did lampshade it, so the writers are aware of the contradiction; we'll see if they go anywhere with it.
The gore didn't bother me, but the science behind it did. ;) Actually, it reminded me very much of a scene from The X-Files which also made it derivative.

Yes, it is odd that Cameron blended in much more successfully in the pilot then in the subsequent episodes. I fear it's a case of writing the character to fit the story, though it could also be a case of the writers looking at the pilot and realizing they made her too believably human too soon.

And YAY!
I think (actually mr.mir came up with this...he's a fanboy when he lets himself ;)) that Sarah, in her desire to protect/preserve John has almost panicked the hero and leader out of him. I'm not blaming her, she's done the best she could with an excessively crappy scenario, but he's terrified over his future role. If he thinks about it, he'll talk himself out of it.

With the girl, he didn't think, just reacted, and the hero came through.