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I'm In Shock

This is already all over my Friends List, but actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon. MSNBC is being more vague, but The NY Times is stating it may be a suicide. (Though it seems accidental overdose is more likely.) Even though I wasn't a huge fan, I did enjoy much of his work and I'm left thinking he leaves behind a very young daughter and a career that was set to take off after the release of the next Batman film. If he accidentally overdosed, it's far too reminiscent of River Phoenix, if he did commit suicide, it shows that talent, wealth, and fame doesn't mean happiness and more people need to look our culture of celebrity worship.

ETA: CNN Headline News has, apparently, devoted the last half hour news block to Heath Ledger's death and are waiting for his body to be brought out. I am absolutely sickened. Not just because they are acting as sleazy as the tabloids, but that, as tragic as this event is, there is more important news going on in the world. I haven't watched much CNN in the past couple years, but I'm definitely through watching this 'news' channel in the future.
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