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Because We Could All Use a Distraction

It's been a rough evening. I had some more thoughts about Heath Ledger's passing, but either I'll still feel like posting tomorrow or not. Right now, my brain is fried. And, no, it's not just that, I've been trying to help my mother with cable and insurance issues today.

In much lighter news...

I watched the series finale of Life on Mars this evening and I don't know how I feel about it. I get it, I think, but there is something about it that isn't sitting right with me. I just can't figure out what it is yet!

On one of the entertainment sites that pops up on my Google homepage I saw a link about David James Elliott returning to Canada. For some reason, I was curious what drew him back to Canada (other than their writers aren't on strike) and while The Guard does not look good at all, I got to play spot the BSG actor in the promo! Steve Bacic (Col Belzen in Razor), Claudette Mink (space hooker Shevon in 'Black Market') and Ryan Robbins (Armistice Officer in the mini; Conner, resistance fighter and bartender, in S3) all appear. Courtesy of imdb it also seems that Teryl Rothery (Janet, SG1) is appearing in The Guard. Man, I do love the incestuous nature of Canadian TV.

And some X-Files goodies courtesy of The X-Files Ultimate site. Video footage and stills from the set. Nothing spoilery unless you believe hair can give away a major plot point. And promo pics! Two I've seen already, but what is really awesome is how someone had the terrific idea to replicate a Season 1 promo pic. :)

Trailer for Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy's film 'Wanted'. This looks to be more in line with Mr & Mrs Smith as opposed to Tomb Raider. Woo!
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OMG the facial hair! And Scully's hair! I am quite excited for this. Please don't suck, movie!

David James Elliott is Canadian? I had no idea. He doesn't have an accent at all, that I recall. Yet apparently he's from Toronto! And they have some accents in Toronto. Interesting.

Though I also found out today that someone I thought was Canadian (Trent Carr, the Headstones' guitarist) was actually US-born, so maybe there's some sort of law of conservation of nationality going on here.
I'm guessing that 'X-Files' scene is from the beginning of the film. But it leaves me wondering if they've been together all this time and she let him grow that beard or have they been separated and she makes him shave it before she'll kiss him again? ;)
For some reason, I was curious what drew him back to Canada (other than their writers aren't on strike)
If for whatever reason the strike talks break down again, I anticipate seeing many familiar Canadian faces (such as half the folks on BSG and the Stargates) migrating back north and the transplanted Brits hopping back across the pond for a while. They will probably find it easier to weather the strike than their American co-stars.
I've been rewatching Life on Mars and it'll be interesting to see how I process the finale on second viewing. I do remember reading a lot of meta about it afterwards, just to process it and make sure I understood it correctly. (He committed suicide, right? I feel like I'm still not sure of this.) I was pretty impressed/satisfied with it. And no American show would end a series like that, so I like that the Brits don't follow the same TV conventions.

"Wanted" looks kind of awesome. Maybe it will be, maybe not, but at the very least I hope it's good popcorn fun.
I took the jump as a suicide, but did he believe that he'd be returning to his version of heaven or that by dying he would permanently be shifted to an alternate reality? The Televisionary had an interesting recap here.