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Week 2 of Not Watching SciFi Friday. (Is It April Yet?)

I finally have HD TV...and am not blown away. Probably because it's only as good as the cable signal and I'm still tinkering with settings on the TV. At one point I had a tiny picture with black all around it. Interestingly, with the new box and hdmi cable the picture quality, in general, is better. So, overall I'm happy with the upgrade, but I don't think I'll see true HD until I have an HD DVD player and that's a ways off.

Funny story related to the upgrade. I went to the Comcast office at lunch to swap boxes, explained to the woman I wanted a hdmi box, but knew they didn't have them yet. She said they were expecting them, had no idea when they would arrive, but could provide me with the older model HD box and component cables until the new boxes arrived. She even offered to put me on a waiting list. So I get my box, go back to work and at 4:10 guess who calls to tell me my new box is in? Turns out the truck just arrived from the warehouse with the new boxes. Normally, I'd be pissed about making two trips in one day, but it dawned on me it was a bit of good luck. Had I gone earlier in the week as I had planned then I would have had to go through hooking up the boxes twice. And if I had waited until Monday, which I thought about doing this morning, there is a good chance there would have been no boxes left. I say that since there were three other people in line with me waiting to exchange boxes.

Btw, writteninstars, I sold the DVDs which should pay for about two months of HD service. ;)

As I was tinkering with the cable and TV I caught a new BSG promo. It's fifteen seconds, if that, and features Baltar. I would guess there are character centered promos for each character (and I'm recording three hours of SciFi tonight to see if I can spot Lee's promo more promos). I wish I could remember more of what I saw. It starts out like the promos we've been seeing, Baltar against a black background, but with a new line of dialogue. Then it cuts to footage from an ep. I can recall that his hair was shorter (Woo!), he had on a olive green military (?) jacket, though he was clearly not *in* the military, and seemed to be addressing people and quite possibly was causing some trouble.

Last night I watched the Chuck sandwich. (If you watched it on NBC, you'll get that.) I had some issues with the second episode and with my not-good mood this week I thought that may have colored my opinion. But I really enjoyed the first episode so I'm thinking I had some legitimate issues.

I really enjoyed seeing a Casey-centric episode. I love Casey, but he hasn't been given any depth nor the backstory other characters have been given. Chuck's declaration of, "It's Alive!", cracked me up because even I was beginning to wonder if the job had made Casey so jaded and closed off that was he incapable of caring for or about another human being. More interesting to me is that Casey actually listened to Chuck and followed his advice. (Of course, I could question Chuck giving relationship advice, but I'll let that go. ;) They are a long way off from the beginnings of a beautiful friendship, but it was nice to see Casey put some faith in what Chuck had to say and trust him to support him.

I'm usually pretty ho-hum at best with the fight sequences on the show, but I thought the one in the hotel room was cleverly staged. Not only that, Casey and Chuck were forced to work together, did so well, and Chuck got in at least one good kick.

I appreciated the bit of role reversal - Ellie wanting the big screen plasma TV and Awesome wanting the washer and dryer. Women covet entertainment equipment just as much as men! But I found myself siding with Awesome here which threw me. Sure, a 50" plasma TV would be cool to have, but they already had a nice flat screen and have to go to a laundromat to to their laundry??? (Again, I could question that they have this lovely, spacious apartment/condo, yet no washer and dryer.) Sometimes you need to put practicality ahead of luxury and it's hard to argue with a guy who wants to do the laundry. Am I'm getting old?

At the point that Big Mike rounded up all the suspects I wondered where the hell is Anna? I found it odd that she was no where to be seen in the previous episode what with Morgan spending the night with Ellie, but I could at least tell myself she wasn't directly relevant to the plot. But the Buy More is robbed, Big Mike makes a big deal out of Casey being late that morning, yet says nothing about Anna's absence? If the actress had another role and needed to be written out, they could have at least said Anna was on vacation or something.

This was just one example of what I felt was lazy writing. I read the Televisionary's review of both eps and he commented that Jeff and Lester "have become two of my favorite dopey characters on television". Really? To me, they are two of the most annoying. Morgan's quirks I'm more forgiving of because he is Chuck's best friend, an incredibly loyal friend, and while he can say stupid things, he, in general, doesn't go out of his way to do stupid things and then imagine he's being incredibly clever in covering up his misdeeds. It's a pet peeve of mine to have to watch characters be idiots week in and week out and have zero self-awareness about it. I was actually hoping that Casey would hurt them. I also want to see characters evolve and I don't see it happening with those two.

Pita Girl may be the worst spy ever. The hidden cameras were sending information to a receiver in the marlin, but the receiver wasn't transmitting the information? She had to physically retrieve the receiver? She had no back up?

Then we had yet another fight in the Wienerlicious. Yawn. And why did Sarah have the camera (?) come down from the ceiling? There was no follow up on that. And if Chuck is going to be in the field, he really needs some time on a shooting range.

OMG, JASON HAD A STORYLINE! Unfortunately, he and Matt can't both have a storyline in the same ep so he gets to drink a soda and read a book.

The rest of the episode felt like a TV-Cliche-O-Rama to me. What happened to the greatness of Season 1? :(

After reading danceswithwords post about starting a B5 watch and writtensinstars discuss her latest fascination, John Simm, I realized that nothing has really grabbed my since the BSG love took hold. (SG1 coming close, but not quite on par.) I don't feel like I'm in a rut, but it made me think that it would be nice to be excited about something new.
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