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People on my Flist either seem to love or loathe this show, I've always been in the latter category. I decided to watch tonight because of the guest star and to see how they resolved a plot point from the first season finale. If you enjoyed this episode, I suggest you skip clicking on the cut.

I get that Jack will sleep with anything with a pulse, but I am utterly confused by the set up for past, present (sort of), and future (maybe) relationships. He found his doctor. OK, they established, in my opinion, in the 'Who' finale that he did love the Doctor, but he seemed to have a very realistic view of just how far that relationship could go. Not he's being wistful about it. At the same time, we are getting a strong implication that he's also in love with Gwen. WTF? Sure, they were a bit flirty early on in the first season, but that was dropped quickly enough. Now he's 'coming back for her' and all bummed she's engaged. Not so bummed though that he doesn't ask Ianto out on a date. ::head desk::

On the flip side, we have Ianto who is obviously jealous of John and Gwen who is ready to declare she loves Jack just as she thinks she is about to die. Of course, John is also hung up on Jack (who, shockingly, is not hung up on John). And while I certainly can appreciate a little innuendo, did it have to be every other line? The plot was an after thought to the ongoing discussion of Jack and John's sex life. I felt like I was watching bad fanfic play out in front of me.

The other thing that disturbed me was that James was apparently unaware that he was playing Spike. Maybe he thought we wouldn't notice without the bleached hair? Talk about lazy acting.

In other words, I'm done.
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