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The SAG HD! (Sorry, had to say it. ;)

There weren't many, but but a few highlights from the SAG Awards.....

"I walked down a runway in my underwear. I was painted blue for three movies. And now I play a transsexual on TV. My name is is Rebecca Romijn and I'm a model turned actor." Hee!

Tina Fey winning! She and her speech were adorable. I talked to my mother after the show and she's not a regular 30 Rock viewer, yet she was apparently chanting, "Give it to Tina! Give it to Tina!"

Javier Bardem is kind of hot.

Ryan Gosling is kind of adorable.

Brad and Angelina are too damn gorgeous.

I can't really comment too much on the bizarreness of on Mickey Rooney since I had to turn the sound off. (What was with the medals?)

Daniel Day Lewis is a class act. That was a great tribute to Heath Ledger.

Josh Brolin enjoying his moment in the sun and telling Woody to "back off". :)

I finally saw Sweeney Todd today. As expected, it was a gorgeous film and Johnny was very good in the title role. Overall, I enjoyed it, but something was missing. Thinking about it this evening it dawned on me what that missing something was. This film was a tragedy for every single character, yet I wasn't moved by anything I saw on screen. It was simply watching this series of unfortunate events tied together by song. A film about love, revenge and murder should have passion and this film lacked that.

My mother, who is perhaps the most honest person I know, upon finding out I'm getting every cable channel available and not paying for them told me a) Comcast may never find out and b) keep my mouth shut. ;p

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