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Now if we can just get through Super Tuesday

Of the bad today...

Comcast caught up with me. :( I lost almost all my cable stations shortly after Midnight last night. I was hoping that the cable would reset, but, turning on the TV this morning, I found that not to be the case. I'm not too bummed really. It was sort of overwhelming having all those channels. Plus, Monday night, I could find nothing on, seriously.

Of the good...

I've had plans for awhile to go to the bitchinparty in Seattle at the end of March and hang out with brynnmck, sdwolfpup, danceswithwords, 50mm, and romanticalgirl. danceswithwords has been hinting for while that I should visit her in San Francisco and thedeadlyhook also made a not so subtle remark this weekend that I should come out their way. Since the airfares from my fair city to Seattle suck, I thought I'd see how much a side trip to San Franisco would cost. Turned out it was only about $100 more. So guess where I'm heading? WHEEEEEE!!! The plan is to be in San Francisco March 23rd-27th then head up to Seattle until the 30th. :) If anyone I haven't already touched base with has any interest in meeting up, let me know between now and then.

Many months ago Jamie Bamber and Tricia Helfer did an awesome photo spread for Statement magazine. Now it's David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman's turn in the February issue. ::Drools:: Well, accept for maybe the plaid suit. ;)

John McCain! Yay! OK, let me say, I do have differences of opinion with John McCain, but the prospect of a moderate Republican nominee? Thank you voters! Yes, yes, I know it's not a definite yet. But Huckabee scares the hell out of me and Romney pisses me off. I don't want our next president to be someone who is only in the oval office because he could afford to buy more advertising. I'm still heavily leaning towards Obama for a lot of reasons, but I'd like to have an election where if the other person wins I won't end up weeping and depressed for four years.

Not much to say about House accept I wouldn't mind hearing Hugh Laurie sing more often. :)

Fic! I love, as I call them, 'What If?' fics. I've been fortunate enough to read two today. What if Archie Kennedy wasn't the man he appeared to be? inlovewithnight puts a new and unique spin on the character in Fabulist. And thatfangirl created a Lee/Laura fic that not only goes to an interesting place post 'Collaborators', but addresses, in a satisfying way, the rift between them from Season 2.5 on. Check out Between the Dark and the Dream.

And, finally, Happy Birthday! to raislak. I know the day could have been better, but, hey, you chose to live in Michigan. ;)
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I'm kinda happy for McCain, too: I'm increasingly a fan of John Edwards (he can at least pretend to be a sincere populist), so I'm hoping the whole "only edwards can beat McCain" thing gains traction.

I really wish they didn't make us wait for that House. So late to the party with that xmas stuff. Plus the whole superbowl thing. Just because it made Grey's Anatomy take off, doesn't mean it will work for everything. Grey's is kinda over anyway: it's not like the cool kids out there can actually stay loyal to their shows so the bubbles burst pretty quickly.
I watched (Sort of) MSNBC before and after House and it was interesting listening to the various scenarios of how Candidate X could win the whole shebang. I find it funny that "Republicans don't like McCain!" yet he just won his second primary. I know what they mean, Washington Republicans don't care for him (what with not wanting to change the Constitution :p), but it sounds dumb when the guy just won because he got the most Republican votes. I'm just relieved to see a moderate winning.

It was very odd to have a Christmas themed House as we are only days away from February. I'm not sure if giving it the post Super Bowl slot was a brillinat idea. It's a top ten show? Do they think this will vault it to number one? Putting on Bones or TSCC would make more sense.
Yeah, they totally should have waited to premiere TSCC here, instead of a mere playoff game. That state of the union address probably f'd with any momentum it had in ratings, anyway, since it's been on a constant downslide.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, and yes with great power comes great responsibility.....

Sorry to hear about your HD. But if its anything like mine, it'll be like the lottery at least every other week (some times more) As we approach magic day (2/17/2009) the channels may continue to change.

I have the TV do a channel scan. The numbers go up and down like our temperature in this fair sate. when I got the TV I had 6-9 channels, then it was 14, then it jumped to 64 (50 are those music only channels) and just tonight I'm at 74!! Now these are in addition to the 73 channels I get as regular cable!

Here's hoping the cable wind blows in your favor again someday.
I don't even bother with the music channels. I have about 30 HD stations. The only ones I lost went with the pay stations I don't subscribe to.

You have your cable hooked directly to your TV? So are you getting true HD? There's a definite difference if I switch from the cable box to the TV.
Yes direct into the TV.

When I first did the hook-up I was getting a few pay channels (HBO, CineMax, etc) for a few days, but again they would come and go at random.

You got Plasma or LCD?
LCD. It seems I have a totally different set up. I also have the cable split to accommodate the DVR.
Oh, thanks for the rec! :) I'm glad you liked it. I swear I will catch up on comment-replies at some point, too...::sigh::
Sorry about your cable! It's hard being a criminal. :-)

I'm glad I was right to tease you about that story! And thanks for the heads-up on House, I had no idea there'd be new episodes any time soon.
I finally managed to leave feedback on the story last night. I hated waiting so long to leave a comment, but I wanted to give her more than "Loved it!"

Romney is a plastic Ken doll, but he actually scares me slightly less than McCain, because McCain's answer to every single foreign policy question that comes down the pike is military aggression. But Giuliani was about a million times more creepy on that front, and I'm glad the primary process seems to be winnowing out the worst of the crazy.

I really do wish that McCain was less militaristic, though I understand why he is and at least he picks a stance and sticks with it. It just really bother me that Romney can (supposedly) shift his ideology so easily because he believes it will earn him more votes. Of course, now it seems that the Conservatives aren't quite the voting powerhouse they were four years ago.

It probably shouldn't be a factor in determining if you will make a good president, but Guiliani's three marriages (one to his cousin), affairs, and the fact his two children barely speak to him all leave me uneasy. If you've alienated your family how are you suppose to work with congress? On the plus side for him, he hasn't announced that homosexuality, bestiality, and pedophilia are all basically the same thing. Please go away now Huckabee.
I'd like to have an election where if the other person wins I won't end up weeping and depressed for four years

Can I say Amen to that? I have my differences with McCain as well, but I think I can safely say "what you see is what you get", a fiscal conservative/social moderate, and I can live with that. I'm leaning heavily towards Obama as well.

I have missed House! Enjoyed Hugh's singing, and his scenes with RSL best :)
The thing I've always liked about McCain is, as you say, what you see is what you get. He'll shoot from the hip, you may not like it, but he'll stick with and by what he says. Do I like how supportive he is of the war? No. But he has his reasons and he doesn't alter them to suit the group of people standing in front of him. I also think he respects the Constitution as is and doesn't want to make his priority changing it.
Asta, we're sharing a politcal brain. ;) If we have to have a Republican President, I can live with McCain. He at least won't have me hanging an upsidedown American flag in the window...unlike the last two elections. Romney reminds me of a well dressed snake oil salesman. Huckabee and Ron Paul scare the hell out of me for different reasons, but not as much as Guliani, and a BIG WOOHOO he's out now. McCain I have issues with on certain things, but for the most part, what you see is what you get. It tickles me the Washinton Republicans hate him, but the Republican general public is supporting him.

I'm leaning so far over for Obama, my finger already pressed the button next to his name. lol I voted early. So yay he's still in the thing. I really wanted Joe Biden. But until we do something about campaign financing and shortening this overlong process, a lot of good people will fall by the way side because they don't have enough money (and don't get me started on the total waste it should be a crime this campaign spending is)to set up second, third and fourth homes in certain states just to win a primary/caucus. What I do love is the Dem. pollsters are batting zero and the Rep. Washington insiders are having fits with McCain out front.
This is Fun!

Oh, and I really liked the Christmas theme on House. lol It was very cheery. Maybe to because it looked like a blizzard outside last night, it just seemed so fitting.
Romney reminds me of a well dressed snake oil salesman.

I've been using the word smarmy, but your description works too. ;) A friend of mine pointed out how he was whining about losing Florida on the 'Today' show this morning. Yes, nothing like telling potential future voters that they made a mistake not voting for you. And how is McCain a Washington insider? They don't like him in Washington! He's never kissed ass like Romney has.

I agree that way too much money and time is spent on the election process. And other than the State of the Union, when was the last time McCain, Obama, and Clinton were in Washington doing the job they were elected to do and are being paid for?
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I know it's not my country. But when the U.S. sneezes, Canadia catches cold. Your economic and foreign policies especially affect us. And those are areas where I overlap with McCain.

But the real reason I crush on him is him... his courage and honesty and bred-in-the bone desire to serve his country before himself... they just hit me powerfully.

(In 2000, when McCain and Bradley were still in the primaries, Nina Totenberg of NPR said that the reporter in her was rooting for them to win the nominations because then you'd have a contest where the combatants were actually honest 80% of the time. That was high praise, she reckoned, all things considered.)
McCain's honesty is a big selling point for me. I may not like his stance on the war, but I give him credit for choosing a side and sticking with it because he truly believes in the cause. Romney's flip-flopping from day one has rubbed me the wrong way.