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Now if we can just get through Super Tuesday

Of the bad today...

Comcast caught up with me. :( I lost almost all my cable stations shortly after Midnight last night. I was hoping that the cable would reset, but, turning on the TV this morning, I found that not to be the case. I'm not too bummed really. It was sort of overwhelming having all those channels. Plus, Monday night, I could find nothing on, seriously.

Of the good...

I've had plans for awhile to go to the bitchinparty in Seattle at the end of March and hang out with brynnmck, sdwolfpup, danceswithwords, 50mm, and romanticalgirl. danceswithwords has been hinting for while that I should visit her in San Francisco and thedeadlyhook also made a not so subtle remark this weekend that I should come out their way. Since the airfares from my fair city to Seattle suck, I thought I'd see how much a side trip to San Franisco would cost. Turned out it was only about $100 more. So guess where I'm heading? WHEEEEEE!!! The plan is to be in San Francisco March 23rd-27th then head up to Seattle until the 30th. :) If anyone I haven't already touched base with has any interest in meeting up, let me know between now and then.

Many months ago Jamie Bamber and Tricia Helfer did an awesome photo spread for Statement magazine. Now it's David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman's turn in the February issue. ::Drools:: Well, accept for maybe the plaid suit. ;)

John McCain! Yay! OK, let me say, I do have differences of opinion with John McCain, but the prospect of a moderate Republican nominee? Thank you voters! Yes, yes, I know it's not a definite yet. But Huckabee scares the hell out of me and Romney pisses me off. I don't want our next president to be someone who is only in the oval office because he could afford to buy more advertising. I'm still heavily leaning towards Obama for a lot of reasons, but I'd like to have an election where if the other person wins I won't end up weeping and depressed for four years.

Not much to say about House accept I wouldn't mind hearing Hugh Laurie sing more often. :)

Fic! I love, as I call them, 'What If?' fics. I've been fortunate enough to read two today. What if Archie Kennedy wasn't the man he appeared to be? inlovewithnight puts a new and unique spin on the character in Fabulist. And thatfangirl created a Lee/Laura fic that not only goes to an interesting place post 'Collaborators', but addresses, in a satisfying way, the rift between them from Season 2.5 on. Check out Between the Dark and the Dream.

And, finally, Happy Birthday! to raislak. I know the day could have been better, but, hey, you chose to live in Michigan. ;)
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