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I've booked my flights to San Francisco and Seattle! WOO! The plan was to do it yesterday after spending some time contemplating which flight to take home, but from Monday to Wednesday the price jumped over a $100. WTF? Especially with the planes only half full. But when I checked again this evening the price dropped back to what I originally looked at.

I don't know what it was. Attorneys doing less work in January (can we blame the weather?) or me being better organized (one of my New Year's resolutions), but I left work at 5:00 today. The last day of the month. O_o And I had zero stress in top of that. Weirdness!

Between reading a lot more about the candidates online than I have in the past and watching the news every night, I'm at the point where the debates are boring me. Obama and Clinton really aren't enlightening me at all tonight.

Eli Stone premieres tonight. Anyone else giving it a try? It could be George Michael's comeback!

ETA: Hmmmm, I have mixed feelings on this one. Of the good are the characters. Jonny Lee Miller was excellent as Eli. He seemed to find the right balance between the crazy and the corporate lawyer. His secretary is believably sassy. I see secretaries who are very similar to her every day. And, hey, I'm not one to bite my tongue either. ;) I *love* Dr Chen (AKA Frank). I was a bit worried they were actually going with the cliched Chines acupuncturist, but they turned that on it's ear.

The not so good is pretty much all the legal stuff. Sigh. Why can't these shows hire experts and listen to them? I know nothing about the "Chinese Wall", but unless we are talking about a merger between two companies (and that would still be iffy) a law firm would never represent both sides of a case. And the case was actually so thin I'm not even sure how it got before a jury. The only thing I came close to buying was the settlement because, yes, it is in the corporations best interest to settle and be done with the case and keep it out of the media. And 5.2 million was a cheap way of getting out of it.

I don't know if it was the HD but the CGI looked cheap. I'm not sure why the even had to green screen so much. Put blinds on the windows! And even with the soft light and sunglasses I could still tell George has had work. :p
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Obama actually came up as a dinner conversation at home last night - Dad approves of him because of the feeling that he's the sort of President who'd actually nominate someone like Judge Roberto Mendoza for the Supreme Court. How Americanised have we become that dad and I talk about American politics with reference to a US TV show?

Frankly, I think it'd be good for the world to see the US have a president who didn't seem to be insane, or to have the same mentality as the typical schoolyard bully... but then I keep waiting for my country to elect someone with more spine than spin.

I'm glad it's not just me who goes to films and then gets tetchy because they've not bothered to do their research. My pet peeve is science laboratories always being full of coloured solutions in jars. Coloured compounds are the exception not the rule in a lab... it's the other way round in kitchens, not labs. Given that I'm nothing like knowledgeable about the workings of US law but prone to getting ranty about corruption, it sounds like Eli Stone could be worth seeing... although it sounds as if I might find my favourite character is the secretary rather than a headline star :P
I vote that you got out of work on time due to your organization.

I've witnessed your skill at the yahoo group
When will you be in San Fran? I'm going to be there in the last half of April.
Sorry, just realized I missed replying to some comments. I'll be in San Francisco for a few days at the end of March. Close, but not close enough. :(
"I don't know if it was the HD but the CGI looked cheap"

Probably was the HD. I downloaded the semi-HD one and I run a film grain filter (to sugarcoat any blockiness) and it looked fine.

It was nice to see Natasha henstridge working. Only she was a different color of orange in each shot. I thought she was going to be tossed aside post-haste for the mom though.

Chuck is playing on scifi tonight. Weird.