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Double OMG YAY!

I have many, many issues with the Patriots going back decades. My father, who hailed from New Hampshire, was a huge fan. You can imagine what it was like in my house on Sundays. ;) Maybe I'll tell that story someday, but for right now, WOO and HOO!. Awesome final drive including an OMG HOW DID ELI NOT GET SACKED AND HOW WAS THAT PASS CAUGHT?!

And I hope I never have to hear a comparison between Joe Montana (imho, THE greatest to ever play the position of quarterback) and Tom Brady. You sir, are no Joe Montana. Joe never would have walked on the field with 45 seconds left looking like the game was already over. Eli Manning, on the other hand, showed Joe's nerves of steel in that final drive.

I have no feelings one way or another about Peyton Manning, though I know he has his detractors, but I did think it's kind of cool to have brothers win back-to-back Super Bowls and be named MVP.

And the other YAY? The WGA strike may be over! Damn, I should have made my prediction that it could be settled by Monday public before this. :p
Damn, I should have made my prediction that it could be settled by Monday public before this. :p

Hey, it's only 7:51pm Pacific time. ;)
I was just saying to people Friday and Saturday that I believed the strike could be over Monday. Damn, the one time I could have looked like a genius! ;p
And I hope I never have to hear a comparison between Joe Montana (imho, THE greatest to ever play the position of quarterback) and Tom Brady

A-friggin-men. This was sweet, sweet salve to my bitterness. Hell of a fourth quarter; really tense!
I was pretty bored by the first three quarters, but, man that final drive was worth sitting through the rest of the game. And, finally, we can say, "Tom Brady, Loser." ;)
There was a football game on tonight? huh, must have missed it.

Oh well

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I haven't been a loyal football watcher since Montana retired and I could argue at length about how free agency has ruined the game, yet I still take the Super Bowl seriously. If for no other reason because I'll be in the loop the next day.
I am so excited about the strike news, omg. I saw people linking to this when I glanced at LJ yesterday, but when you and some others linked to the DHD site today, it's just confirmation. OMG. *wibble*
Nikki hasn't been 100% accurate in her reporting, but she has been more accurate than anyone else. And if the guy heading FOX is spreading the word, I think it's just a matter of getting signatures on some papers. Woo!
Tom Brady seemed off all night. He had some good drives, but he was inconsistent and just didn't look right. I'm not a Montana fan, but Brady as good as Montana? I don't see it.
Brady had an injured foot which he swore wasn't bothering him, but I'm waiting for that to become an excuse for why he wasn't playing his best. And it could be part of it, but I also feel the team was buying into all the press and thought a win was inevitable. Given how close the Giants played them in the final game of the season I wouldn't have assumed victory.

My mother was a huge Steelers fan in the 70's and thinks Terry Bradshaw is one of the best to ever play the position (I wouldn't argue with that), but she's not even sure he was as good as Montana. There is no question Tom Brady is an excellent quarterback, but I've always felt the sign of greatness is what you do when you're down, presumably out, and under a great deal of pressure and Brady gave us nothing.
It looked like the final drive in particular, he had no fire in him. He had given up. Your boy Montana never gave up, I'll give him that.

I think Bradshaw was good, and underrated. I can't really make a guess at best ever, and I think it's a little weird because they win and lose as a team, but my dad says that Len Dawson was the best he ever saw. But he's Old School; none of that fancy West Coast Offense for him.
That was a game for the ages! I've been sour on the Patriots since their crooked coach was caught spying on other teams at the beginning of the season. They were being annointed and petted so much I just decided I wanted to see the Giants knock them off their premature throne. Eli is full of spunk, and he has the great Montana's calm and nerves of steel. When I hear Brady touted as the next Montana, I want to scream. There will never be another Joe Montana, ever. Cindy gets especially irritated when she hears that ;) Like your mom we were great Steelers fans in the 70's (because the Bears were so bad then they were continually blacked out at home), and Terry Bradshaw is the only one I'd say is Joe's equal.

Peyton is older and has been around longer, and he was criticized for not being able to win the big one until last year. Now the Manning Brothers can hold their heads up :) Their dad must be so proud; he was just as good as his sons for so long, yet he never played on a team good enough to go all the way.
I still remember the AFC Championship game that led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl against the Bears. It was snowing heavily and just before their kicker kicked the game winning field goal, they had a guy come out on the field with a plow and clear a path so the kicker could make a clean kick. The NFL banned such practices after that, but their history of cheating goes back to the 80's. And I never let my dad forget that. ;)

I'm not sure how how my mom became a Steelers fan. She must have just seen something she liked as I did with the 49ers. Neither of us have ever supported the Lions. They've been losers my entire life and my mother recalls that in the one and only Championship they ever won (pre Super Bowl) their quarterback was drunk. :p

That was so awesome, particularly since the game was SO BORING up until that point. I'm glad I had randomly chosen to root for the Giants (I don't really care but figured I'd root for the underdog) so that I could cheer loudly at that moment.
That play needs a name. It's reminiscent of "The Pass" from Joe Montana to John Taylor that led to a Super Bowl victory, but I'm not sure if The Pass 2.0 has the right ring.
The "Near-Sack-Turned-Helmet Catch?" Hmm, that doesn't really roll off the tongue.