Asta 2

Finally, a network decision that makes sense!


THIS DOESN'T BITE: The WB has given the green light to a full season of Angel, which has performed well on Wednesdays. According to Variety, the Frog network had an option to cut back to 13 episodes if the show tanked. In related news, ex-Buffy the Vampire Slayer scribe Doug Petrie is developing a contemporary take on Lost in Space for the WB.

We could have only gotten 13 episodes!!!! I don't recall the WB mentioning that in all the press releases.
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That is terrific news, Asta, thanks for bringing that over.

Regarding the possible shortening of the season - I think I saw that mentioned by David Fury in a magazine interview I saw of his online. So glad it's not an issue now.
I had no idea that we were in danger of only getting 13 episodes! I'm very glad to hear that the WB has agreed to the full season.
I had no idea that might have been a possibility. Thank goodness it's doing well enough. Whew.