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The Catch Up Post of Doom

I’ve been meaning to post about TV and other stuff since Friday and either got distracted by RL stuff or just didn’t feel like typing. At some point you tell yourself, ‘Oh, I can just do one big post instead of several smaller ones’, but soon you realize the list is getting pretty damn long and even though you are kind of sleepy you need to get this written up. So, on with the ramblings...

I caught a bit of SGA on Friday and I just have to ask, why can’t Ronon wear a black shirt and jeans on Atlantis? WHY??? Damn, he looked hot.

I was really frustrated with the first 45 minutes of this episode, which wasn’t a shock since I’ve been frustrated with most of the season. The low point for me may have been when Landry lamented trying to get Matt to talk about his problems with no success. This coming from the guy who, as far as I can tell, has yet to share the fact he killed a guy with his best friend. And while I appreciate that that was referenced, it still feels as if the plot was just tossed aside.

Tyra I pretty much loved from beginning to end. Her indecision and doubts in regards to a relationship with Landry seemed very believable, partly because she is a teen girl worried about how it will appear, partly because, in some respects, she is much older than her years and is wondering where this will all lead. I also liked that when Landry tried to make it simply about embarrassment on her part, she made a very good point that their relationship had begun under extremely stressful circumstances and was not an ideal gage of how things could be between them.

Matt’s downward spiral seemed completely unbelievable to me until he let loose on Eric. I hadn’t thought about how, to a teenage boy, one struggling with insecurities since the day we ‘met’ him, would interpret so many people in his life leaving. It’s definitely not him, but I get why he would see it that way. I just really, really wish we had more build up to his emotional collapse. In the last episode he just seemed sad about Carlotta leaving. We go from that to him hell bent on throwing his life away.

Btw, Grandma Scaracen seems to be more aware of what is going on then I previously believed. Now I’m wondering how much she knew about Matt and Carlotta?

Smash just killed me in this episode, particularly in his final moments. He showed such great personal strength and character in motivating the team to rally around each other. Then to watch him breakdown, alone, in the locker room was gut wrenching It’s so unfortunate that one stupid choice on his part, one so many kids make, could potentially destroy his future.

OK, I know a lot of people swear by Macs. That’s fine, I get that the software is better, they are less susceptible to viruses, etc. I just prefer my PC. But Saturday I had to go into an Apple store to get a gift card. That would be the first and last time I go into an Apple store. Since I shared my experience with the recipient of the gift card (who will be reading this ;), I feel fine sharing my story of The Special Hell.

I thought getting a gift card would be simple, but, not so much. The Apple store does have gift card displays conveniently scattered around the store, if you want to purchase an itunes card. So, I realize I must ask for a store gift card at the sales counter, which I can’t find. I do see a counter with two gentlemen in matching uniforms, large monitors partially obscuring them, and people lined up before them with their cases on the counter and slips of paper in their hands. Above them are two large screens with names and times listed. I began to look for the departure time for my flight before I remembered I was in the mall.

I waited for a couple minutes, certain that I was looking very confused, lost and in desperate need of assistance, when I was finally approached, by another customer. He asked me if I knew where the register was so he could pay and flee.

Being a bit quicker than I, he grabbed the next sales person who walked by. The woman assured him she could help him, accept a) she realizes that the counter we’re standing in front of is a hopping place and b) even though she works there, she can't get the attention of the guys at the counter either. Why she couldn't ring him up was beyond me.

I see a sales guy heading my way, step in front of him, and explain that I just need to buy a gift card. He informs me, “Sure, I can help you” and I follow him to the back of the store. Suddenly, he stops and turns around. This is not boding well. “Uh, did you want to buy and itunes card or a store card?” Now, this should be an easy answer, but I am suddenly quite fearful. “A store card”, I reply. “Great!” Phew! We continue on our way and just as the counter in back is within reach he stops and turns again. “Uh, how will you be paying for this?” I hesitate for a moment, panic stricken by the fact I don’t carry a lot of cash. “Credit card?” “Great!” At this point I’m growing excited at the prospect of a third question because I’ve convinced myself I’m just one correct answer away from some sort of prize. Sadly, instead, he whips out a little machine, similar to what the UPS guys carry, to process the sale.

While he’s performing his magic, he apologizes for my wait and the lack of a cash register. Apparently, they are still trying to figure out where to put one. Gee, after two? three? years in that location you would think they would have found a place. Frankly, I get the impression in their attempt to be hip and cool (because cash registers are so 2005!) they’ve lost sight of a customer service issue. So following some more small talk I have to follow him back to the counter I was originally standing at to get my receipt. When he asked me if I wanted a bag, “No”, couldn’t have been spoken any faster. I had fears of a trip to the stock room.

Saturday night, thanks to Universal HD, is now BSG night. You tell yourself you’re just tuning in for the pretty picture, but then you’re jumping up off the couch looking for a pen and paper because four years later you’ve had an epiphany.

I use to refer to Helo as dumb, but pretty. I recalled that saying as I watched the Cylons play him like a fiddle. Sure, they’d shoot up the restaurant and leave you alive to come after Sharon!

Ship alert: Laura asking Lee, “How are you holding up?” She cares how *he* is holding up. She didn’t ask Adama that people! :p

I had forgotten how much Bill and Lee pissed me off in this episode. It was actually difficult for me to get through the episode because both men are acting stupid and selfish, risking the survival of humanity, to save Kara. Laura brings up that neither man can let go of Kara because she is their last link to Zak. Her psychology is, for me, a bit suspect and Adama even admits later that while he hasn’t come to terms with losing Zak, Kara is family. I get that both men have lost so much that they couldn't deal with the idea of losing their surrogate daughter/almost daughter-in-law/friend/possible future lover. Still, to come so close to sacrificing 47,000 lives for one is infuriating from the perspective of someone without emotional attachments to the situation. And I adore Laura for the verbal bitch-slapping she gives them that forces them to come to their senses.

One part of her speech in particular led to the light bulb going off in my head:

All right... it's military, fine. And you're both officers and you're both honorable men and you're both perfectly aware that you are putting the lives of over 45,000 people and the future of this civilization at risk, for your personal feelings. Now, if the two of you, of all people, can live with that, then the human race doesn't stand a chance. Clear your heads.

OMG, if Lee’s future actions didn’t make perfect sense to me after hearing that. I know that Lee’s decision to abandon those on New Caprica (including Kara) and his ordering Kara to stay behind to set off the nuke on the Hybrid’s ship has been harshly criticized (to put it nicely) by some in fandom. But it’s because in YCGHA he put Kara’s life ahead of the survival of the human race, had his honor called into question, and realized that you have to set aside personal feelings no matter the cost to that person or to yourself, that they greater good must be served, it’s why he made the choices he did later on. I also think it ties into his speech in ‘Crossroads’ because he sees, once again, that the fate of humanity is being driven by emotion and the desires of a few irregardless of how it may affect them all. Man, I love Lee and I love this show.

Some other random bits….

While stating “If it were you we would never leave” is touching, considering Adama was willing to nuke Lee on the algae planet, I have to say the sentiment doesn’t hold water. ;)

I need to dig out my DVDs. In the HD version of this ep, I swear I could hear Lee say “holy shit” while in the cockpit.

And I love listening to Jamie say the line “This thing is flying with some serious attitude”, because he soooo loses the accent. :)

Coma Guy! I’ve missed him and I’m still betting he comes out of the coma in the series finale.

In response to Cameron telling House that he’ll need to get by with network TV, “That’ll be fine on Tuesdays.” HEE!

Patients of the week aren’t always particularly well developed, but the writers did a really nice job with Kate. I actually cared about what happened to her and not just because Mira Sorvino is someone we ‘know.’ My favorite Kate moment was when she stated, “I never said you needed fixing.” I’ve been waiting for nearly four years for someone to realize House doesn’t need to be fixed! Could he improve upon certain aspects of his character? Sure. But I hate people constantly trying to change him. And, look, he did begin to soften when he was accepted for who he was and no ulterior motives were involved.

Wilson fleeing from House has to be one of the funniest sight gags I’ve seen on the show.

Was Chase MIA because they’re unable to write for him and Cameron at the same time? Isn’t he doing surgery now? Couldn’t he have offered some practical advice?

Another reason to love Kate, she called House on his "fire sale" diagnosis. About time!

Cutthroat Bitch/Amber! I have to admit, I didn’t consider her as Wilson's girlfriend (?) either. Though, I had read months ago she was suppose to make a reappearance. And just when I was thinking about Wilson dating the female version of House, the previews suggest they address the issue next week.

ETA: Hmmmm, it just occurred to me that House will believe he has proven himself correct - that it is a detriment to the patient's health to care and become emotionally involved. Had he treated Kate like any other patient, he would have insisted on her taking off her socks and would have spared the would-be boyfriend the urine drinking and head drilling.

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to soundingsea and HAPPY (slightly early) BIRTHDAY to onlyoot. Hope you both had/will have awesome days.

I was going to do a write up about the Super Bowl ads, but I’ll just direct you to The New York Times recap. I pretty much agree with them on all the spots.

In case you haven’t heard, LJ has introduced another new, irritating and invasive exciting feature called the the Explore Area. Basically LJ combs through public posts and reposts them on a page for all the world (trolls, morons, and just plain scary folks) to see. I would suggest going to your viewing options and opting out.

And now I should really try getting some sleep.

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  • TV Catch Up (Mostly White Collar)

    Good News: For the first time in weeks I'm not buried in work and am healthy! Bad News: Life has been very weird and drama filled where I live…

  • The TV Catch Up Post

    I seem to be having limited success in posting more often. At least this time I have legitimate excuses! Two hellish weeks at work. Then, this past…

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