That's weird, I thought I had seen the Paley guest list last night that had her listed. Hmm.

Anyhoozer, I'm so psyched that she's going! Totally unexpected, and I'm really interested to see if she and Aly exchange any words at all...
Aly still isn't listed as a guest which I find surprising. It doesn't mean she won't be going though, they could just be waiting to hear back from her. Of course, we could start the rumor that she's not going because Sarah is. ;)
I don't suppose you'd be able to tell me why people hate SMG? I've asked before, and I've never heard anything more useful than...'she seems...I don't know, snotty.' I mean it's a minor point, but...I've just always wondered.
I've heard various reasons from people as to why they find her selfish, unprofessional, bitchy, you name a negative, and I just don't see it. I've seen her blamed for the end of the series when it was Joss who decided to end it. Which given the quality of the last season I agree with his decision. And unlike other actors who grow bored with the series they are on or feel they should be doing bigger and better things, she fulfilled her contract.

People talk about her being mean or standoff-ish with her co-stars. Why? Because she didn't socialize with them off the set. With the exception of one person in my rather large office, I don't socialize with co-workers either. I don't recall any set gossip of her not showing up for work or throwing fits. I have read and even heard in person at a con stories from guest stars and bit players who have nothing but kind words for her including making sure they got food during breaks in filming.

The only thing I can see that Sarah is guilty of is not being one of the gang. If she chose to hang out with her own friends rather than her costars and doesn't want to talk about Buffy now the show is over that's her prerogative.
I think because she never or rarely did a Buffy activity, like going to cons or doing commentaries. They feel she's ashamed of her role as Buffy.
She is listed here.

I spent some "fun" time arguing discussing this subject yesterday in two posts. As I expected, before she was announced it was all "Little bitch" this and "too good" that. After the announcement, it was "Wow, she must be desperate" this and "Clearly her career is in the toilet if she's agreeing to this" that. Sigh. Did we predict this or did we predict this?

For the record, SMG DID attend the last time Buffy was at PaleyFest. Granted, that was long long ago, but the point still stands that maybe that's just a venue she's comfortable with as opposed to something like DragonCon.
As I expected, before she was announced it was all "Little bitch" this and "too good" that. After the announcement, it was "Wow, she must be desperate" this and "Clearly her career is in the toilet if she's agreeing to this" that.

Ya know, that's just what I suspected was going on. She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. I have a feeling she's doing it because it's in LA and convenient for her to go to and because she's put some distance between herself and Buffy. And while a lot of actors like Dragon Con because they can walk around without getting harassed, it's also a rather overwhelming experience (with it's share of crazies) and I can see that not being her thing.
This sounds great, but damn it's bad timing. Throw ASH into the mix, though, and I might have to quit my job, sell some organs and get a ticket.
They'll find something negative to say, likely because they just can't let things go ;)

I've never understood the negativity, the rumors of her being diva-like; Tony Head always sings her praises as a costar and as a person, siting how wonderfully she always treated his daughters when they visisted the set. As long as she did her job and was cooperative and a team player, that is all that should be expected of her. I only socialized with one or two people at work too. I got along with the others just fine, and that is all that should matter with anyone.
Now that SMG has agreed to be a part of it, I kind of wish the panel was just her and Joss. And that I were a rich woman and could go see it.;)
Paley does have some past panels up on their site. Hopefully, they'll post this one not long after it takes place.
There are SMG haters? *puzzled* Ok, I know next to nothing about Buffy outside what was in the series, but from the few interviews I've seen, everyone on the cast seems to like each other.
She and Alyson Hannigan weren't exactly best buds, but I wouldn't say they hated each other. A big part of the hate is the from fans who blur the line between character and actor. They thought Buffy was a selfish bitch who was ruining the show so Sarah must be just like her. :p
Damn this post: I had a dream about Eliza Dushku last night. It was one of those "hah, you never really graduated high school and now you have to go back and finish even though you're old" dreams and we sat next to each other in english class. She was pretty cool and didn't laugh when the teacher was berating me for not knowing what part of speech a "sudunct" was (I think it was a one word term for a contrary to fact subjunctive which isn't even significant in english but ancient greeks tended to worry about it), which humiliated me. It bugged me so much that I half thought it actually existed after I woke up.