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Reason #113 I Love My Job

Due to the blizzard here in Michigan the head of HR sent out an email at around 3:30 telling us that we could go home at 4:00 and not lose an hours pay. Gee, my heart is warmed by their generosity. Forget the fact that semis were already stuck on the highway blocking up to three lanes of traffic and most people in my office commute by highway. Fortunately, I take surface streets and my usual fifteen minute drive only took 35 minutes.

We'll see how it is tomorrow. I have about eleven days of PTO time to use by April 11 and only six days currently scheduled off.

ETA: Now I know it's bad. They're closing malls and movie theatres!
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Boy, they're all heart. Stay in and stay warm. We have been very lucky; the rain didn't turn to snow till about noon, and so far on the south side of town we only have about two inches of snow. But it's very wet snow, the kind that's a pain to shovel.
I hope you managed to make today a snow day :) Deep snow is a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint yourself with bits of your DVD library.
Sheesh that was terribly generous of them wasn't it...not! Hope things have improved weather wise for you over there!