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And I Thought It Was Just Huckabee That Scared Me

I've been bitching about Mitt Romney (AKA Mr. Hey! I Can Buy An Election!) since he entered the race, specifically for his changing his stance on any given topic depending on who was in the room with him. Even today, he couldn't bow out of the race without declaring his support for the war in Iraq. But that pales in comparison with what was apparently an attempt to scare by paralleling the U.S. with France, trying to blame pornography for the downfall of the American family, and the insistence that kids can only grow up well if there is a father in the home. Now I'm thinking Huckabee's crazy was just more obvious.

petzipellopingo found the full transcript of his speech courtesy of Newsweek. Also at is 'Burying Mitt', a nice little analysis of what went wrong with his campaign (or right depending on your POV ;).

In other happy news, Dragon*Con is starting to book guests. Thus far representing Battlestar Galactica is Leah Cairns, Tahmoh Penikett, and, of course, Richard Hatch. For Farscape we have the usual suspects of Gigi Edgley, David Franklin, and Virginia Hey. And, yes, he's back so that means dear friends you may need to restrain me from making a scene...Kevin Sorbo returns. Sigh.
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