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And I Thought It Was Just Huckabee That Scared Me

I've been bitching about Mitt Romney (AKA Mr. Hey! I Can Buy An Election!) since he entered the race, specifically for his changing his stance on any given topic depending on who was in the room with him. Even today, he couldn't bow out of the race without declaring his support for the war in Iraq. But that pales in comparison with what was apparently an attempt to scare by paralleling the U.S. with France, trying to blame pornography for the downfall of the American family, and the insistence that kids can only grow up well if there is a father in the home. Now I'm thinking Huckabee's crazy was just more obvious.

petzipellopingo found the full transcript of his speech courtesy of Newsweek. Also at is 'Burying Mitt', a nice little analysis of what went wrong with his campaign (or right depending on your POV ;).

In other happy news, Dragon*Con is starting to book guests. Thus far representing Battlestar Galactica is Leah Cairns, Tahmoh Penikett, and, of course, Richard Hatch. For Farscape we have the usual suspects of Gigi Edgley, David Franklin, and Virginia Hey. And, yes, he's back so that means dear friends you may need to restrain me from making a scene...Kevin Sorbo returns. Sigh.
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What?? You dont like Kevin Sorbo??
But..but...I gave him your address! Hes coming to your house for your Birthday as a Kevin-Sorbogram.
Wait, restrain you? I thought I was supposed to encourage you to go for his throat while I stand back and take pictures!
Hee! If not for missing the rest of the con due to being in jail, I might do that!
Does it count as obvious crazy that Mitt Romney's favorite novel is Battlefield Earth?


His being a Mormon never disturbed me, but this revelation? THE SIGNS WERE THERE!
Some people think these type of questions asked of candidates are silly. But no! This should have been on the nightly news, for the love of humanity.

Huckabees kind of crazy reminds me of the Designing Women kind of crazy...they don't hide the crazy relatives in the attic (I'm talking to you Mitt Romney),they bring them right out and sit them down in the parlor.
US political elections are fascinating to watch from over here, albeit often in a slightly scary way. I've been watching Romney and Huckabee and working on the assumption that they're the crazies put up to runnning by the republican leadership as stalking horses, to make someone else conservative but not quite so completey hatstand look like a reasonably moderate choice. Then I realised just how many people were probably serious in voting for them...

Do you and Kevin Sorbo have a history? For a guy I've never met, I have more of his autographs than anyone else in my small collection. The things just keep cropping up in lucky dip prizes and staff gifts.
Then I realised just how many people were probably serious in voting for them...

Uh, yeah. Actually, my big problem is the ultra-conservative, only we can interprt the Bible correctly, far, far right, is the minority in the Republican party. They just happen to be a very vocal minority. It pisses me off to read posts by people condemning and attacking all Republicans as closed-minded morons. Both my parents were/are registered Republicans and while they are very much fiscal conservatives, they were pretty socially liberal. Both believed that gay people were just born that way, couldn't be changed, and weren't going to Hell. As my father would say, what people do in their homes is their own damn business, not his.

Basically, I think Sorbo is an egomaniacal, no talent, ass. What sealed the deal for me was an interview I read with him years ago in which he talked about auditioning for the role of Fox Mulder and how he would have done a better job than David Duchovny. While I would never claim David to be a great actor, no one else could have played Mulder as well as him and certainly not Kevin Sorbo.