Asta 2

'Eli Stone' Rant Ahead

OK, did a single production person on this show speak to an actual lawyer? Hell, have they ever watched another show involving lawyers? They're killing me with how many things are wrong, wrong, wrong here. Ya know Chuck with the whole downloading of a computer into his brain? That makes sense compared to what I'm seeing here. The new associate? OMG, she would not have made it past the interview process for a prestigious firm such as Eli's! She can't even handle a fraking objection in court. ARGH. In case you can't tell, I quit!
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Ok, I don't think I'll bother acquiring this one to watch. It sounds more frustrating than being forced to watch reality tv.
Hey, you might find people who disagree with me. ;) But working in a law firm for ten years makes me testy with the show's blatant disregard for how things actually work. Not to mention, Eli's hallucinations which I found cute in the pilot worked less well for me this week.
The commercials annoyed me so much, I refused to give the show even 5 minutes of my time. It makes me feel better knowing that folks I think are smart are annoyed and tuning out. I'd rather turn the telly off than watch drek just because it's "new."
I had hopes because of the cast (who I, for the most part, like), an interesting premise, and a pilot I thought showed some potential. But what bugged me in the pilot, anything pertaining to the law and how law firms operate, only got worse in the second episode. I'll admit to calling some of my firm's first year associates clueless and ditzy ;), but they had nothing on the young woman I saw in this episode.
Other than spy!daddy and George Michael, I didn't recognize a soul in the promos, and neither seemed to figure prominently enough to tune in.
Boy am I glad I decided not to watch this. Haven't there been about a million lawyer based TV shows since TV entered peoples homes in the 1950's? But then again I decided to watch Lipstick Jungle instead. It started at 9:00 up and went to bed at 9:40 p.m. Note to NOT watch any TV on Thursday night at 9:00.