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More New BSG Promos!

I have SciFi running in the background while I'm cleaning and I caught a new promo featuring Adama, "The Leader", Kara, "The Savior", Six, "The Redeemer", and Lee, "The Righteous". It's the images of them against the black background along with mostly new footage. The Adama stuff I had seen before. I'm curious to know who Lee is talking to.
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oo I saw that promo towards the end of SGA--very intriguing!
I think I'm beginning to understand why Jamie was less than thrilled with his role in season 4 when he appeared at Dragon Con. "The Righteous"? That kind of label is exactly what Jamie tried so hard to move Lee away from in season 3, wanting instead to abandon his stifling boy scout image and give Lee more depth. I really hope this promo was put together by some group at the SciFi Channel who have no clue what they're doing and without any help or guidance from Ron Moore's team. For now, my deep concerns for season 4 remain firmly rooted.
The show itself has nothing to do with promotion. SciFi is the one that comes up with the promos and releases all those highly inaccurate synopsis to the press. I've even seen people criticize calling Adama "The Leader" because what does that make Roslin?
Let's hope the blame can all be placed on SciFi. Maybe the fact that Moore has been walking picket lines for the last three months further speaks to the likelihood that his team had nothing to do with the cartoonish labels in the promo. But you're right that the promos have a history of bearing little resemblance to the show. XWacky reminded me of the nonsensical labels from season 2..."Betrayer, Betrayed" and "Defiant, Defied"...none of those worked either.