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Sweeps and Stuff

I'm confused, I thought the sweeps period ran through May. Now, I'm faced with most of my fav series wrapping much earlier. Scrubs finale is this Thursday, Boomtown Sunday, and Alias apparently is going for a two hour finale on Sunday, May 4.

So, with the exception of Buffy, May looks to be pretty much a baron wasteland for me. Yes, I know they'll be knew episodes of Angel, but considering my feelings on that subject, can't really put in into the "looking forward to" column. :p

On the bright side, if the Red Wings can lose just one more game, they are out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Why should I care? Because if they are out, my Buffy Pre-emption situation improves.

And on a final unrelated I do every morning at work (um, you didn't read that), I peruse the boards. I saw something today on one of my regulars that made me want to hurl. If you know me well, you'll probably know what I'm talking about. If you don't, well, I don't want you going over there and thinking I'm a cold hearted, uh, witch.
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I was so hurl-ridden I had to make an international phone call (from work, naughty naughty) and object loudly until I felt better. Which I then did of course. But blegh, sweetie, blegh.
I couldn't even read it. There was something onanistic about it. Not that I'm against onanism, god knows. But, some gonans I'd rather not witness.
What? What? Tell me!

*Stamps foot*

Oh...hang on. I think I have an inkling. This doesn't have anything to do with a special event, would it?

Never mind...I figured it out. It was what I thought it was ;-)

Anyone up for some *passionate* projectile vomiting?

LOL, Scarlett. Just checked this morning and mercifully the lovefest seems to be over. With a new Buffy tonight we can get back to the regularly scheduled bitterness and Buffy bashing.
Okay y'all, spill! If it's where I think it is I do not go there anymore!