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The Obligatory Weekend Wrap Up Post

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to danceswithwords! I hope you had a great (and relaxing) day and I look forward to a belated celebration with you next month. EEEEEEEEE!!!

It only took fifteen episodes, but the Friday Night Lights I know and love was back Friday night in what could be, but hopefully isn’t, the series finale. I enjoyed each storyline, which brought together the characters more successfully than other episodes have this season.

Someone finally remembered that Landry and Matt were best friends! I loved their conversation about Tyra and how Matt has no faith it will last. And Landry's seemed to intimate that, in the future, he would tell Matt about what happened to bring he and Tyra together.

I always worry when the topic of abortion comes up in a show, but I thought the writers did a pretty good job of balancing both sides of the issue. It’s understandable that Jason would want Erin to continue with the pregnancy. I imagine he and Lila had many conversations about their future and that future including children. After he was injured, the future he envisioned was taking away from him and now he is told he could have one part of that future back. I liked that this talk of a “miracle” was backed up with research he did online. And there was something about Erin that made me believe she wasn’t 100% sure she wanted to have an abortion. She could have just had one and never told Jason about the pregnancy. I also assume, given Jason's situation and that it was a one night stand, she didn't stop to consider that he'd want her to have the baby and that she wouldn't be left to raise the child on her own.

OK, does Eric act as surrogate father/counselor to everyone in town? Does the school really need Tami? ;)

Julie acted like Julie and I didn’t want to slap her once!

I am so relived that Smash has a college to go to. I thought him being sullen and regretful was believable because he had always viewed college as merely a stepping stone to the NFL and now he's going to a college not on their radar. His mother, who I doubt could be any happier about this turn of events, sees the importance of an education because so many things can happen that could prevent his dream from becoming a reality. All he has to do is think about Jason to realize that.

Overall, I feel the Eric/Tami/Ex-boyfriend storyline was handled well. I could see how watching the ex with Gracie set Eric off. It wasn’t that the guy was any threat to his marriage or Tami was suddenly having second thoughts about her marriage, but when the ex was holding Gracie up in the air I felt he crossed a line, forcing himself into their life. (Hmmm, it just occurred to me the themes of this episode were all about regret and second chances.) I do think the fight in the restaurant was rather ridiculous. Matching each other shot for shot I could buy, but coming to blows like that seemed more TV-esque than reality to me.

Yesterday, I went to the post office and applied for a passport. While I don’t have definite plans to travel outside the U.S. with the new rules about travel to Canada and the fact that I do contemplate visiting Europe, I figured I’d just go ahead and get one, especially since they don’t expire for ten years. I had all the paperwork filled out and a copy of my birth certificate, but I needed to have a photo taken. This is where things got interesting.

I thought the biggest issue would be do I have my glasses on or off in the photo? (I think the picture she ultimately chose was with since without my glasses I looked very different). But, no, I was informed my clothing was too revealing. For the record I had on a black blouse with a black tank underneath. She had asked me where I was planning on visiting and I mentioned I was thinking of going to Germany (k_julia and I had had a discussion about this). She then proceeded to tell me that a woman had come back to the post office in tears because she had plans to visit Germany and they wouldn’t allow her in the country because of her passport photo. I found that to be both a bizarre and confusing statement. I tried to get some clarification on this, but she liked to listen to herself talk and I had trouble getting a word in. Eventually she remarked, after some hesitation, that she was shocked by that happening since they (the Germans) aren’t very moral people. Huh? Was she referring to what the Nazis did seventy years ago? Or the Communists? Neither of which I would automatically equate with morality. But she started going down another path, telling me where I should look for a plane ticket and what airport I should fly out of, and since she was assisting me with getting a passport I thought it best to let it go. But I’m still dumbstruck by her making such a negative and narrow-minded comment about an entire country.

Today I cleaned quite a bit in preparation to take some photos of my place. It occurred to me that I’ve bought a lot of stuff since I moved into this apartment and it might be nice to have proof of said stuff should I ever have to make an insurance claim. This led me to realize that I really need to buy new rechargeable batteries for my camera because I was using a freshly and fully charged pair and they only lasted about twenty minutes.

Also, thanks to the recent James Cagney marathon on TCM and Universal HD airing Touching Evil I was able to toss some more videotapes. Woo! Still have a lot to go through, but I'm working my way through the shelves. I don't even want to think of how much money I wasted on those tapes.

Earlier this evening, I re-tried on some clothes I ordered about a month ago, forcing myself to finally make a decision on whether to keep them or send them back. I purchased a skirt from J Jill - silk, subtle pattern, great colors, and 80% off - but since it wasn’t a petite, it meant that on my 5’2” frame it was much longer on me than the model on the website. As usual. My personal rule of thumb for skirts is they must be above the knee or to the ankle or else they extenuate my shortness. The skirt fell well below the knee and given my stature the darting also wasn’t falling where it should. But at 80% off I figured I could justify tailoring. Given it was silk, I didn’t want to try pinning it to see how many inches I should have it shortened. And I wasn’t sure what tape would do to the fabric, so I decided to roll the waistband. A couple of rolls and I got it to about the right length. I also noticed it brought the darting up to my hips rather than my thighs, a noticeable improvement. Since the lining was a match for the color of the skirt, the rolling of the waist wasn’t very noticeable. As I was looking at the skirt in the mirror I realized I liked it just as I had it which made me contemplate skipping the alterations. How tacky is it to wear a skirt with the waistband rolled? Chances are whatever shirt I wear is going to cover it anyway, so do I save myself some money and assume no one will be the wiser?

Is it my imagination or has there been a recent increase in Heath Ledger movies airing on cable? I say this as I have A Knights Tale on right now.
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