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Oh, What the Heck!

This isn't really a meme, but born of marenfic's boredom:

Comment to this entry with any fandom. If I'm knowledgeable enough in the fandom to have ships, I'll tell you one non-canon ship I like, one canon ship I like, and one ship I really don't like (either canon OR fanon).

ETA: YAY! 'Chuck' and 'Life' picked up for the 2008-2009 season. No mention of Friday Night Lights though. :/

ETA2: I'm watching E! News and Kristen is giving an update on the status of various shows including that the future of Chuck is in doubt. HEEEEE!!!
Re: Meme fandom
Canon Ship I Like: Sara/Chuck...and you're icon!

Non-Canon: Chuck/Bryce or Sara/Casey.

Ship I Don't Like: Ummmmm, Jeff/Lester? Someone is probably writing that fic. ::shudders::

Re: Meme fandom
Nobody should write Jeff/Lester. Ever. I saw a Morgan/Awesome a few weeks ago, and I just couldn't deal with the idea. I think Chuck might be a canon het otp-type show for me.
'Chuck' and 'Life' picked up for the 2008-2009 season.

Woo! Kristen's unbroken streak of accuracy continues...
Canon ship: Is there a choice? Eric/Tami OTP!

Non-Canon Ship: Jason/Tim

Ship I Don't Like: I can't say any ship on this show makes me want to spork my eyes out, but Lyla/Tim leaves me 'meh'. I think Tim just thinks he's in love with her because he can't admit his love for Jason and she's as close to him as he can get. ;)
Haven't watched this version in years, but I'll give it a go.

Canon Ship: Starbuck/Cassieopeia

Non-Canon Ship: I'll side with Jamie on this one, Starbuck/Apollo. ;)

Ship I didn't care for: I have this recollection of Sheba being infatuated with Count Ibley (sp?) who turned out to be Satan, I guess I'll say that pairing.
Canon Ship: Han/Leia, without a doubt.

Non-Canon Ship: Darth/The Emperor - I kid! Since I really don't think Lucas planned to be so forwarded thinking as to give us gay robots, I'll say R2 and C3PO. I also think Obi-Wan and Padme would have made the prequels a tiny bit interesting.

Ship I don't like: Keeping it in the family, Anakin/Padme because OMG SO BORING and Luke/Leia which Lucas gave us as canon and then made them siblings. WTF George? Don't tell me you had the sibling relationship planned the whole time.
Life! Life officially renewed! Is boats of awesome!

Oh, and for the meme... Life (you're surprised, right?)
Hee. Now I wonder when S1 will be released on DVD?

Canon Ship: Charlie/Dani. I don't want to see them hook up any time soon, but I can see it happening and I think it would be amusing. :)

Non-canon ship: Hmmm, maybe Charlie and Lt Davis? Can you tell I might have a thing for off limits office romances? ;)

Ship I Really Don't Care For: Ted/Olivia. I just don't get it.
I don't want to see them hook up any time soon, but I can see it happening and I think it would be amusing. :)

Yeah, I can see them hooking up, eventually not now, I think its interesting how they navigate their partnership. Apparently, Sarah Shahi shares that opinion too.

Hmmm, maybe Charlie and Lt Davis? Can you tell I might have a thing for off limits office romances? ;)

Y'know I've also sort of thought about this too... if Charlie didn't go to prison, if Charlie and Jennifer didn't work out in the end... they might have worked and because of Davis' connection to Dani he'd still be connected to her but not as close, I don't think.

It's kind of sad making though since Charlie wouldn't be as involved with Reese, who'd still probably need a lot of support.

Yeesh. Mention Life and watch me babble.
If Life is definitely coming back, I'll watch the episodes I've got :) Reading through that zap article, my brothers will be happy that My Name Is Earl is back, although I can't say I've ever watched it.

On the not really a meme front, what're your thoughts on Firefly/Serenity?
Canon Pairing: While I think Zoe and Wash were an awesome couple and I adore Alan Tudyk, I'm going to say Kaylee and Simon. Even though the series was only thirteen eps it wasn't long before I wanted Simon to buy himself a clue and Kaylee to get what she wanted. As bitter as I was about Joss killing off Wash, I was pleased that Kaylee got her happy ending.

Non-Canon Pairing: If she was a bit older and a bit saner, maybe River and Jayne. She's the only one who could consistently kick his ass. ;)

Ship I Don't Really Care For: OK, it's not that I hate them together, I just really don't care - Mal and Inara.
Kaylee always made me squeeful as a character - while I sympathised with Simon over being so completely out of his depth, I was really happy that Kaylee got what she wanted. She was a cracking character :)

There are some things about Firefly that seem to appeal to everyone... and for some reason, River kicking Jayne's ass is right up there with the best of them :)

I'm pretty much with you where Mal and Inara is concerned. I know that I was supposed to be intersted in their story but it felt a little predictable... although it did feature some good lines. I can't say that at any point I thought "ooh, I must watch Firefly and see what happens with Mal and Inara." Maybe if they'd had more time to tell the story, I might've done...
"If Life is definitely coming back, I'll watch the episodes I've got :) "

Life is definitely worth watching either way, imo. The finale startled the snot out of me, kinda like the end of BSG season 2.
It's been months since I've watched the finale, but now that I recall what plot point you are talking about, I agree. :)
I'm just not used to TV where things actually happen. Everything is about reset-to-zero each week. The last ep of Life felt like watching a movie.
Am I right in thinking that S1 of Life was 11 episodes? If that's teh case, then I have some watching to do in the near future...

Just so long as the end of s1 doesn't involve me getting depressed over my ship, like BSG did ;)
I believe there are 11 eps total.

I think it would be really hard to get depressed over a ship at this point. Even with what Charlie has had to go through the angst level pales in comparison to BSG. Confronted with the end of humanity, he would probably be very zen about it. You'll see what I mean. ;)
It's odd, but BSG is the only show where I've ever really got upset about a ship. But then it's also one of the few shows where I get annoyed to rant if they have a poorly written episode :P

It's going to be a week or so before my FNL DVDs arrived, so I think catching up with Life is definitely doable... Although if I end up getting really excited about the thought of a new season, I blame you ;)