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They're Back!

Subject line courtesy of Galactica Sitrep who brings us the news that the writers are back writing and that SciFi has no plans to truncate the season. For various reasons, I didn't think they would. I mean, if they are at all serious about filming Caprica as a backdoor pilot would they inform Ron and David that they are canceling BSG mid-season?

There is a possibility that some actors contracts may have to be renegotiated. I read somewhere the other day that while actors are signed for x amount of years and/or x amount of eps, there can also be start and stop dates for filming in the contracts. My hunch is that no one in the cast is going to refuse to come back to work.

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Frickin' awesome! There's already been news on the status of every other show I'm interested in, and this was the only one left. Given its unique situation (stopped mid-way through the final season of an arc-heavy, serialized show), I was extremely concerned. But good news! This is already turning into such a good day...
Thanks for the good news!

I will confess that I'm going to remain a bit nervous until we see a official press release.
Have you seen the Ashes to Ashes pilot yet? Not sure how I feel about it. Help me have an opinion. :p

I gave up after two eps of Mars. I felt it wasn't really redeeming the eh-whateverness feelings I had about it (when anything can happen, does anything really matter, and if it doesn't, why would I care?). But everyone else seemed to stick it out with the show. So I have no idea if Ashes is par course so far.
I read the Televisionary's review and that's as far as I got. I haven't decided yet if I want to download. I enjoyed 'Mars', but I wasn't blown away by it like so many on my Flist. I never felt it reinvented the medium as some critics have claimed. And I'm still very ambivalent about how the series ended. (Plus, 'Ashes' addresses the Sam issue and I'm not sure how I feel about that either.)
Like the icon: OMG YAY!

I don't think anyone'll refuse to return either. But if they do, Ron ought to tell me, and I will personally fly to Vancouver and sit outside the front door of the pertinent actor and beg nonstop until I become so annoying they'll agree to return.

This plan has no flaws.
This plan has no flaws.

You're lawyer may disagree.

::starts collecting bail money::