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When will I learn not to say at work, “It’s been a really quiet day today.” Sigh. Yeah, 3 to 5 were not fun. And instead of coming home and finishing up the post I started at lunch, I crashed on the couch to relax which led to the headache I currently have. I decided to tackle the post again because I figured it would help distract me from the pain and has to an extent. Plus, I want to get this posted today since everyone else has VD (hee) related posts.

Inspired by the not quite a meme I posted last night, I thought for Valentines Day it would be nice to revisit all the ships I have loved, lost, or watched nearly destroyed by the writers who created them. Not that I’m bitter. ;)

It's impossible for me to rank my ships so I’m opting for chronological order. Since some series ran concurrently, it’s a rough chronology. And these are just my semi-obsessive ships. The ones I alternately squee over and throw things at the TV over. As my previous post shows, I can find a couple to ship in just about any show I regularly watch. But would I be willing to debate to death how awesome they are? Not necessarily.

Spoiler Warning: Discussion covers all aired episodes of the various series. If, let's say you are thomasina75 and are just starting to watch Alias, you may want to skip the Syd and Vaughn discussion. :)

Lee and Amanda - For those who don’t readily get this one (and there are probably many of you), it’s Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I still have recollections of my pre-teen (now I guess we call it ‘tween’) self waiting for Friday’s to roll around to see if the two would finally kiss. And they were so darn cute with their sneaking around. The final season was a let down (if I recall Kate Jackson was diagnosed with cancer and they had to do their best to work around her), but it was the rare show that actually allowed their characters to get together and be happy. I think they spoiled me in a way.

David and Maddie - Perhaps the biggest waste of chemistry and sexual tension in the history of television. While I blamed Cybil Sheppard at the time for getting knocked up, the writers had a choice not to knock Maddie up. This is where my babies ruin TV shows stance was born. Throw any baby daddy drama and the most ill-conceived marriage I’ve ever seen (and yes, that includes last seasons BSG marriages) and I haven’t really been able to watch the show since it first aired. But it had me glued to my TV set for a couple of years at least.

Mulder and Scully - My first “You’re Killing Me Writers!” ship. I had no intention of shipping them, I tuned into this one for the sci-fi/paranormal premise and the good reviews it was receiving. Plus, it wasn’t suppose to last for more then six episodes. Heck, I didn’t even now what “shipping” or a “shipper” was. Honestly, when I first ventured on the internet and an X-Files site and saw all this discussion of shipping and shippers I found it very curious that the show had such a large following of sailing enthusiasts. ::head desk:: Anyway, it wasn’t long before I could sense that these two were going to be far more to each other than just partners.

The ep that hooked me on the show and them as a couple was ‘Ice’. Specifically, the scene where one of the team members has been killed, another has been infected, most believe that person is Mulder, and in the midst of the rampant paranoia and fear Mulder and Scully turn their guns on each other. Mulder pleads that it is him and, with tears in her eyes, Scully tells him, “What if you aren’t who you think you are.” Then there is that moment of trust as he lowers his weapon and they are each left to worry about the others fate as he is locked up, alone, and she’s left with the others and the real infected party.

There were years of shippy and near-shippy goodness before the show started to collapse under the weight of it's mythology. And say whatever you want to about David Duchovny, but bless him for fighting for that kiss in ‘Existence’. Considering they, oh, had a baby together, I don’t think it was too much to show us a kiss. They better get some action in the movie…

John and Aeryn - These two pretty much had me from the first episode. Aeryn argues with John about going with he and D'Argo because even though she’s been irreversibly contaminated, what she is, who she is, is a Peacekeeper. In response, John simply says, “You could be more". And she follows him. This guy who she just met and who has ruined her life.

But the point of no return episode for me was ‘DNA Mad Scientist’. That was the ep that made me realize I would be home every Friday night and, looking back, was the start of SciFi Friday for me. I won’t go into all the moments in the episode that sold me on the show (OMG, THEY CUT OFF PILOT’S ARM!), but I was impressed that while everyone else was consumed by the possibility of returning to their homes and former lives, oblivious to being scammed and Aeryn’s slow deterioration, John was there for Aeryn. And I realized that as hard as the show was working to create a family dynamic amongst this disparate group of people, it would always be John and Aeryn at each other’s sides.

Buffy and Spike - As most of you know, I came to the series late. I only started to watch in Season 4 because it aired before Angel, didn’t really start paying attention until Season 5, and that was because I found out a friend of mine was a fan and it gave us something to talk about. Spike was probably always my favorite character. He amused me. Maybe it’s just because I watched a lot of TV, but I was always suspicious that his passion to kill Buffy was really just his passion for Buffy. I still vividly recall watching ‘Out of My Mind’, Buffy threatening to stake Spike, Spike telling her to do it, then grabbing her, kissing her, and confessing his love for her and me saying, out loud, “Heh. I knew it.” From that point on I became fascinated by how the show would deal with this new dynamic. How would it change Spike? How would Buffy react when she eventually found out? Would they enter into a romantic relationship? Could she love him?

For the most part, I got what I wanted. They did go there and, as far as I am concerned, she did love him. I do wish the attempted rape never happened because it stopped Joss from exploring if a relationship could have worked between them in Season 7. There is some board drama which I wish could have been avoided, but, hey, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger...and wiser. And if not for Buffy and Spike I wouldn’t be here today, so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Also, the kiss in ‘Tabula Rasa’ is still one of the hottest I’ve ever seen.

Sydney and Vaughn - Alias was the show that I thought broke me. Never again would I become so invested in a series or a couple. (Insert laughter)

The first two seasons were awesome. Syd and Vaughn endured just the right amount of angst. The kiss amongst the rubble of SD6 somehow seemed both ridiculous and believable to me. They were actually happy for a brief time and damn if Syd didn’t deserve some happiness. Then came the two year time jump and an evil wife. “My name’s not Vaughn”. O_o Oh, and somehow being shot a dozen times, surviving that only to die in the hospital after you've seemingly recovered, but not really dying as you've been hiding in a monastery in the middle of nowhere and get to hear about your baby for the first time from your baby mama’s evil twin. Still, bless Michael Vartan for agreeing to return to give Syd someone to love her after the Bristow family blood bath in the last several episodes.

Lee and Laura - I could do a whole post on these two…and I still plan too. ;) With that in mind, I’m not saying much here. Besides, do I really need to? Or maybe you are new to this LJ?

Archie and Horatio - There was a time not too long ago when slash was something completely foreign to me. I knew about (it was impossible to avoid in the ‘Buffy’ fandom). I even understood it on an intellectual level. And I certainly had no moral objections to it. I just didn’t see it myself and didn't always get what other people saw. To this day, I still don’t get Spander. Spike and Xander hated each other! And I’ve watched a fair share of SGA and still am not fathoming the McShep phenomenon.

The only reason I planned on watching the Hornblower films was because Jamie was in them. However, before I got a chance to see the films, I came across posts and fics about Archie/Horatio. I did wonder why this seemed to be such a big deal, yet dismissed it with “OK, fine, whatever.” I mean, I’ll never see it. Oh, boy.

Seriously, I didn’t look for it. I didn’t think it was even possible given the subject matter. But I defy anyone to watch The Duchess and the Devil and not see something. There's Horatio’s panic at the thought of losing Archie. His total lack of regard for personal space. The playing with Archie’s shirt. Telling him he can’t go on without him. And it’s all happening while they are sharing a prison cell. Plus, they’re hot! I was powerless to resist.

Beecher and Keller - Too many kinks of mine converged for me not to get sucked into this pair. One’s a sociopath, the other is completely emotionally f***ed up. Under no circumstance should they be together (Keller breaks Beecher's arms, Beecher stabs Keller), yet you know it's going to happen. It’s even confirmed in the final season that Beecher’s life really is a Shakespearean tragedy. And, oh yeah, it all takes place in a prison. This was the show where the light bulb went on for me. Lee and Laura in the brig. Archie and Horatio in El Ferrol. Beecher and Keller in Oz. I have a problem. I also, apparently, should have been watching Prison Break this season.

I had most of this written when I stumbled upon Zap2It’s TV’s Best Kisses. Not only did they have three of my shows/ships, but they highlighted two of the same scenes I did. :)

sweet_ali, once again you have lived up to your name. Thank you's to both you and Anonymous for the virtual candies. ::smooches::
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  • Legend of the Seeker and some other stuff

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