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The Weekend TV Wrap Up

I think I subconsciously wait until late Sunday to post thus delaying going to bed and facing the inevitability of Monday morning and work.

Friday night danceswithwords and I watched SGA because who was guest starring. She mentioned it probably wasn’t a good sign that were criticizing during the “previously on…” segment and by the time we hit the mid-point of the episode we realized how prescient we were. And that’s all I'll say on that subject since I’ve managed to forget most of what I saw.

We also watched two more episodes of Charlie Jade. I really want to comment more on the show as I watch, but it’s so hard to. The best way to describe my experience with the show is I feel as if I have this puzzle laid out in front of me and while parts of it are filled in, the rest of the pieces are scattered around the board so I'm not seeing the big picture yet. There is one thing in Ep 9, ‘Betrayal’, that I found very interesting and want to comment on. O1 is the same person in the Beta and Alpha verses, yet in the Gamma verse he is a completely different individual. Not only is he a family man, but, more importantly, sane. I had noticed early on that the Gamma verse seemed to be some sort of Eden or utopia, at least compared to the other two verses. And there are not so subtle references to water throughout every episode. So is there something in the water in the Gamma verse that makes O1 not a horrible human being? No one answer that, I’m just trying to think through how he can be so much alike in two verses and so different in the third.

Saturday, I continued my quasi BSG rewatch thanks to Universal HD. There wasn’t an episode last week due to a Jericho marathon. This week was ‘Litmus’ or, as I think of it, ‘The One without Jamie because Kerry was Giving Birth to the Twins’. I doubt even the presence of Lee Adama could have helped this episode. It still ranks as one of my least favorite episodes of the series. It’s not bad, it's just very predictable. I’ve seen this story many times before and know how it’s going to turn out. However, it is interesting to see aspects of the story in a new light after certain events in Season 3.

As Roslin informs the press and the fleet that the Cylons look like us now, we cut to a shot of Chief. That edit would be really cool if Ron had actually known at the time Tyrol was going to be a Cylon. Still, it’s fairly cool. As is Cally dismissing any possibility that Tyrol can be a Cylon - “Not the Chief. I know.’ Heh.

I ended up watching Torchwood after BSG. Partly because there was nothing else on and partly because I've been spoiled (intentionally) for something that happens later on. Anyway, episode 4, whatever it’s entitled, wasn’t completely horrible. And I have to agree with the people on my Flist who believe Rhys to be the best character. I actually like him, which is more than I can say for the rest of them.

Psych is a series I found so-so it’s first season, but has improved greatly in it’s second season. Toning down Shawn’s antics and over the top psychic performances helped a lot as did making Gus more of an equal partner. Also, Lassiter seems to be a fairly competent cop now, just perhaps short sighted. I never talk about the show (I'm always catching it at odd times), but I felt compelled to say I thought the season finale was awesome. How is this show not up for an Emmy for best comedy? Oh, right, it’s on the USA network.

This evening I finally watched an episode from the SG1 mega box set. I figured I’d start with ‘Children of the Gods’. I saw more of Sha’re then I ever wanted too. I think I’m happy the series moved from Showtime to SciFi. And I loved this exchange:

Sam: “You really will like me when you get to know me.”
Jack: “Oh, I adore you already, Captain.”


My apologies if I haven't responded to your comments. I discovered that LJ has been spotty the last couple of days sending me notifications so I'm sure I missed some stuff. :/
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