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You tell yourself, "Never again." I said it after Buffy, Alias, Farscape and even have flirted with the possibility once Battlestar Galactica airs it's last episode. But, this evening, as I'm watching The Sarah Conner Chronicles I found myself taking notes. Yes, folks, once again I am screwed. :/

Wow. We actually saw Kyle. I thought he was going to remain this huge, unseen, presence in their lives. This Kyle seems a wee bit young to me, then again I still remember the actor from when he was a teenager playing Lucky on General Hospital so that may be informing my opinion. Still, I didn't think it was horrible casting. I also have a feeling we won't be seeing much more of him. I thought Derek's final remarks about "saving everyone" were very interesting. If the show were to run for several years, would they write an ending where the future is saved for humanity and those who died, such as Kyle, would be alive? If so, it would be a neat way to bring back a much older Michael Biehn.

I'm not surprised that Cameron doesn't know who John's father is. If she were to be defeated and her memory chip taken that would be dangerous information in the hands of their enemies.

Please tell me I wasn't the only one to not recognize Andy as one of the resistance fighters? So he did have a hand in the formation of Skynet and, inadvertently, caused the horrific future he found himself in. The moment he confessed his culpability I knew Derek had lied and he had been the one to kill him. Normally, I'd be outraged at the thought of an innocent person (and Andy was innocent at the time of his death) being murdered, but Derek had his confession, knew what the future held for them all, and did he have a choice? I don't know.

Considering at least half the episode was devoted to Derek and his backstory I can't imagine Brian Austin Green is going anywhere soon. I have to say this is the best performance I've ever seen him give so I'm OK with that.

Charley not only put things together rather quickly, but he handled it all amazingly well. Applause to the writers for not having him a) think Sarah was crazy as he had been told and b) for not freaking out. It was refreshing to see a character confronted with a completely implausible scenario actually accept it as the truth.

Cameron pocketing the memory chip leads me to believe one of two things. She has another mission that she was instructed by Future John to not tell Present John about. Or it's something personal, at least as personal as a cyborg can get. When she was removing it from the 'brain' in the last episode she had a look that read to me as if she was making a connection and sensing, for lack of a better word, her mortality.

ETA: proggrrl triggered a thought in comments below. In the scene in which Derek returns to the base and finds everyone gone or dead, he opens up a trunk and finds Kyle's photo of Sarah half burned. That is a direct tie in to the first film! There is a scene in which Kyle is either recounting the story of the attack to Sarah or having a nightmare (I can't recall which) and we see the picture get left behind and begin to burn. Man, I love continuity! :)

OK, why does NBC Universal have to continually frak with us? greycoupon posted earlier that The Battlestar Galactica DVD site has deleted Season 3 scenes for viewing if you play some games. Fortunately, someone has kindly posted the scenes HERE on YouTube you can skip the game playing. What I'm pissed about is that these scenes will, apparently, not be on the DVDs. This is the same thing they pulled with the Season 2 DVD's, excluding a bunch of scenes that had been posted to the SciFi site. Sigh.

Btw, my friends to the west and south, if you want to know why I tend to roll my eyes when I hear complaints about snowfall in your parts, Michigan is on course to have over 100 inches of snow this winter. Not a record may I add. :p
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