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How Serious Am I About TSCC?

I just deleted a Jamie Bamber icon to make room for a TSCC icon. Granted, I still have about fifty more Jamie related icons, but, STILL!

I also was perusing LJ for TSCC comms and came to discover that there is an active Michael Biehn community. Who'd of thunk it?

Speaking of TSCC, I hope FOX reads as much as I do:

Fox capped off the evening with the season-finale of Prison Break (#3: 4.4/ 7), which has no doubt lost the former water-cooler buzz, and renewal-worthy Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (#4: 5.1/ 8). Comparably, Sarah Connor built from Prison Break by 16 percent in the overnights.

Also from Media Week an interesting bit of information about NBC Universal merchandising:

NBC Universal Television DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group will assume responsibility for the global licensing and merchandising of all NBC Universal television properties, as well as the NBC Universal television catalog. Kim Niemi, senior vice president, will lead the efforts to develop and implement product lines associated with NBCU’s television brands, including NBC, Universal Media Studios, USA Network, Sci Fi Channel, Bravo, CNBC and Telemundo. Niemi's group will also continue to oversee all new business development for music, eCommerce sales, the store group and third party home entertainment licensing.

In American Idol news, I may have voted five times for Michael Johns tonight. Yes, he's good looking *and* can sing, but I think I was done in by the accent.
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And yet more americans would rather watch suitcases being opened at random...

I know I should read more, spend more time thinking about high art, but god, I guess I do ok even when I'm slacking.
Heh. I saw at the TV Guide site that Jeff Zucker has announced NBC will be going to year round, 52 week programming. Which I'm sure means more reality programming! After all, this is the same network who proclaimed they don't need pilots.

The comm claims to be fan fiction...and much more. I noticed that it also seemed to be a place to post icons, pics, links, and updates as to what Michael is doing. The last post was just a few days ago and I was kind of shocked.

Btw, if you are looking for TSCC comms, search under "terminator" and not "sarah conner chronicles" because the latter brings up nothing.
You deleted a Lee icon to insert a replacement TSCC icon? Even I know that's a big deal, and I've not known you that long. Hmm. I need to stop procrastinating and start watching...

How active is the Michael Biehn community? I like him as an actor, although I'm conscious I'm probably influenced by having seen Aliens, the Terminator and Timebomb all for the first time within the space of a couple of weeks. I'm still angry at Fox for killing Hicks off in Alien3 :P I know, I could go look for the community myself, but I'm lazy and currently shaking from caffiene and stressful phonecalls about housebuying, so I thought I'd ask ;)
The comm I stumbled across was biehn_fiction and the last post was just a few days ago. The "fiction" part of the comm name is a bit deceiving, they also had icon posts, pics, links, and updates as to what Michael is doing.

Don't get me started on killing Hicks and Newt in 'Alien3'. Have you seen the directors cut and supplemental materials? It is fascinating to know what the original story was to be, the changes the Studio and Fincher made, and how it went off the rails. It just kills me that we spent an entire film becoming invested in these characters and then had to watch them brutally dispatched in the opening moments of the very next film.
Hmm, thanks - I think I'll add that comm to my bookmarks, if not my watch list.

I've always been a huge fan of the Aliens franchise, after seeing the second film - one of the first things I did when I started work was save to get the limited edition facehugger box set of the three films plus Alien3 documentaries, so that I could snag all the extended edition and deleted scene goodness. I still wear the t-shirt that was in the box set :)

I remember reading about the ongoing problems with Alien3 back in the Dark Horse UK comics I was reading in school - didn't they go through something like 4 directors and 7 scriptwriters? I know that there were huge problems with the studio and with Dark Horse, ironically enough; Dark Horse have all sorts of merchandising rights and had been originally told that the film would be close to the comics they'd produced, and it ended up being really different.

Did you read the earth war series of comics produced by Dark Horse, that were compiled into three graphic novels? I've got copies of both the original printings and the revised version that's now the standard after they had to adjust to Alien 3. The originals were all about Newt and Hicks, with Ripley appearing in the third installment; in the new versions, Newt has become "Billie", Hicks has become... someone else whose name escapes me... and the story is much less evocative because you simply don't see the characters from Aliens.

I can watch and enjoy Alien3 as a film (preferably the directors cut) but for me, it's not Aliens canon. My canon is the comics, where Hicks and Newt are still alive.
Is Michael Biehn in TSCC??? Wow, that's pretty funny - I mean, Terminator came out *how* many years ago? Now *that's* continuity. ;)
Michael Biehn wasn't in TSCC, but his character, Kyle Reese, was. I just don't think there was any amount of makeup to make him look twentysomething again. ;)
I've noticed that SciFi is picking up a lot of NBC reruns, and there seems to be a lot of programming fluidity between USA, SciFi, and NBC, so I can't say I'm surprised they're treating the merchandising as a single unit.
I think Chuck ending up on SciFi Fridays was a sign of things to come. Though wrestling would have been a good tip off too. ;p