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How Serious Am I About TSCC?

I just deleted a Jamie Bamber icon to make room for a TSCC icon. Granted, I still have about fifty more Jamie related icons, but, STILL!

I also was perusing LJ for TSCC comms and came to discover that there is an active Michael Biehn community. Who'd of thunk it?

Speaking of TSCC, I hope FOX reads as much as I do:

Fox capped off the evening with the season-finale of Prison Break (#3: 4.4/ 7), which has no doubt lost the former water-cooler buzz, and renewal-worthy Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (#4: 5.1/ 8). Comparably, Sarah Connor built from Prison Break by 16 percent in the overnights.

Also from Media Week an interesting bit of information about NBC Universal merchandising:

NBC Universal Television DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group will assume responsibility for the global licensing and merchandising of all NBC Universal television properties, as well as the NBC Universal television catalog. Kim Niemi, senior vice president, will lead the efforts to develop and implement product lines associated with NBCU’s television brands, including NBC, Universal Media Studios, USA Network, Sci Fi Channel, Bravo, CNBC and Telemundo. Niemi's group will also continue to oversee all new business development for music, eCommerce sales, the store group and third party home entertainment licensing.

In American Idol news, I may have voted five times for Michael Johns tonight. Yes, he's good looking *and* can sing, but I think I was done in by the accent.
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