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Season 4 Promo Pics!!! (Thumbnails)

I'll probably be spammy the next couple days since I feel compelled to post here and to jamiebambernews. NBC Universal Media has posted promo pics for Season 4. Hopefully, Hi Res versions will be available soon. Meanwhile I shall start plotting what to do with those pics of Jamie in a suit. I may *finally* remodel this LJ. ;)

I have to say James Callis is looking pretty good too. And though I am no shipper, even I have to admit the pic of Lee and Kara is rather nice.
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Wow that is a metric ton of snaps! shame I can't get the highr res ones (i.e asked for username & password).

Edited at 2008-02-21 04:55 pm (UTC)
Only people with media credentials can gain access to the hi res versions. Luckily, a couple of those people are also big BSG fans and have LJs. ;)