The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

I Warned You I'd Be Spammy

I know I quote Media Week a lot, but I like that they provide facts and not rumor or opinion presented to be fact (which is why I won't link Ausiello's report that Bionic Woman has unofficially been cancelled). Here is some interesting news about Friday Night Lights:

No, the renewal for 2008-09 is not official yet. But executives at NBC Universal are reported to be in search of multiple broadcast platforms for the critically acclaimed drama. The network has had conversations, to-date, with the CW, Comcast Entertainment Networks, DirecTV and TNT about sharing a window.

Personally, I'm hoping for a deal with TNT because they know drama ;) and their original series do well in the ratings.

Also, The Sarah Conner Chronicles is 29th in the rating?!?! And 15th in the golden 18-49 year old category?! So what's holding up FOX with a renewal? I know it's a pricey show to produce, but AI and House need some help sustaining the network.
Tags: friday night lights, tscc

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