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Happy Birthday to Me!

dryope has posted more Season 4 promo pics. Thanks NBC Universal for the BDay gift. ;)

I don’t read anything into photos. These pictures represent what the NBC Universal/SciFi marketing department wants to focus on and what (and I would agree with) most of fandom wants to see. But would it kill them to release just one picture of Lee and Laura together? Yes, we shippers are a small group, but we exist! Even if they aren't a couple, they are as legitimate of a family/working dynamic as Adama and Kara.

I did have a few things I wanted to say about the pictures released yesterday. I hope the images aren’t too big, I did shrink them from the Hi Res versions.

Lee S4 Promo 3

I adore this photo, but it does look more as if they’ve reached earth and GQ hired Lee for a photo spread rather than a photo for the Colonial Bar Journal.

Lee S4 Promo 2

I’ve seen a fair share of people displeased (to put it mildly) that Lee is wearing his wedding ring. I don’t get what the big deal is. It is possible that Jamie just neglected to take his wedding ring off, though that is unlikely. The fact is Lee Adama is, at least technically, going to be married at the beginning of the season. I assumed when Dee walked out on Lee that the marriage was over. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, when Dee left him for defending Baltar, Lee realized she never really knew him. I don’t see them coming back from that. I also think the show is ready to dump the storyline because it didn’t work. Promos have shown us that Season 4 picks up right where we left off at the end of Season 3, so Lee is still going to be married. And given the lack of a legal system and the situation they are in, I’m not sure if they are even sure how to proceed with a divorce. Have there been any divorces?

I have to say I would find it fascinating if Lee’s marriage to Dee were officially over, yet he continued to where the ring. Can we say like father like son? Adama and Carolanne were divorced for years, she was even on the verge of getting remarried at the time of the attacks, and Adama still wore his wedding ring. He still wears his wedding ring. Adama doesn’t like to fail, he failed with his marriage, and he can’t let go of that failure. For better and worse, usually worse, in Season 3 we saw he could still punish himself years latter for perceived wrongs. Is Lee any different? He can’t let go of the Olympic Carrier, can’t let go of his ‘mutiny’, and can’t let go of his choice to abandon those on New Caprica. Could he really just let go of his marriage even if he knows it’s over?

As I said before, these promotional photos are merely the product of the marketing department. I don’t think they mean anything, but I like that they made me think of what could be.

In non-BSG related news, I’d like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, greycoupon and Anonymous for the virtual gifts, and whoever gifted me with an LJ gift certificate. ::hugs to you all::

There has been no cake or celebrating tonight which may qualify me for loser status. I’ve had plenty of junk food already this week and I had plans tonight, but neither my friend nor I wanted to deal with the crowds at a restaurant and the movie theatre on a Friday night. Considering we are OMG! having good weather this weekend, both are probably very busy.

I know a few of you watch American Idol, did anyone else think a little bit of Michael Johns soul died Thursday night? Not only was he forced to do weird things to his hair, he had an “I’m too old for this shit” look about him during the cringe-worthy group performance.

Was anyone else aware that slash existed as far back as the 60’s? Oh, wait, there was Star Trek. ;) I mention this because last night I watched the film King Rat on TCM. I had watched it years ago, pre-Hornblower, and, at the time, I did wonder if the two leads, King and Marlowe, had an interest in each other beyond friendship. Watching it again now that I’ve been totally corrupted by fandom, oh, my, is it there. There was stroking of hair and hand holding (during a bedside vigil which took my mind right to Hornblower) and declarations of not being able to go on without the other. This all takes place in Japanese POW camp during WWII. Yes, they are in prison and you know about my kink and I’m sick and need help.

Interestingly, I looked up the film on Wikepedia and found this entry for the book which differs drastically from what I saw.

danceswithwords linked to the Han Solo in carbonite desk earlier. I want one!
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