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I just have to say...

I want the copyright on 'Human/Wraith Hybrid Zombie'. danceswithwords is my witness to it's inaugural use.

Michael should be renamed Adolph.

And Carson's entire appearance was shown in the promo.

::head desk::
You know, most places, when putting something in their promo to the effect of, "You won't BELIEVE what happens in the last five minutes" don't actually show it. Way to go, Sci-Fi. *facepalm*
Carson's return may have been the worst kept secret in the history of television. Heck, the show doesn't even need spoilers if the SciFi marketing monkeys give away the big reveal in the commercials. Not to mention the producers openly talking about his return and how many episodes he's to appear in.

I was actually waiting for Michael to reveal he was the father, but I guess making the baby daddy a Human/Wraith Zombie Hybrid was bad enough. Poor Teyla. :(
"And Carson's entire appearance was shown in the promo. "

I know! I had completely forgotten about the promo until they showed the door and then I remembered and then vomited. And how low will ratings have to slip before they return to the Weir storyline? Oh, that's right, why bother when they can just say "people's choice" every commercial break.

I give the ep a "15 seconds." As in, it took 15 seconds for me to remember how much better SGA was. Remember when the Tokra cremated their dead by dialing up a gate and letting the plasma wash take the body? That was cool. It was sci-fi. It made you say, huh, ok, I wouldn't have thought of that but it makes sense. Burning some dude dressed in SCA garb? Not so much.
I have some info about the Weir storyline, but I'm not sure if it qualifies as spoilage since it involves Torri rather than the character.

I'm convinced the writers spend a few hours throwing out random ideas and compiling them into a script without thinking about what they've written before or how it could affect future storylines. And I don't get me started on the cheapness of putting a pregnant woman and her baby in danger. Oh, and I loved while they didn't know if Teyla was dead or alive, Rodney was able to shove mounds of food in his mouth and we were suppose to find that funny. Grrrrr....
This brings to mind the conversation on spoilers SG-1 was having during "200." Oh, Jack, how right you were.
Being an 'acquirer', I didn't see the trailer and I forgot that Carson was coming back so there has just been a heck of a lot of squealing, especially as for once I didn't read before I watched!

This looks like it could be an interesting final three eps. I can't quite tell if Michael is good or bad. His methods are bad but his goal may be good. However I also like Todd - he's accepted that they can work together towards a common goal and I think he's the link between humans and (modified) Wraith co-existing and that's something I never thought I'd see.

Roll on next week.

Edit: Just read everyone else's comments. Apparently I'm the only one who ignored the bad bits and got excited about potential bits. And I'm really curious about what Michael wants with Teyla's baby. And I want a happy ending for Teyla, Baby and Kanaan.

Plus it's quite funny as I know that is Rachel's real bump and when she sat down in Sam's office, she sat like a pregnant woman!

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And Carson's entire appearance was shown in the promo.

I just saw the promo for this episode on TiVO while watching something else, and the voiceover very explicitly states that the Replicators want something from Teyla. Good job, SciFi promo department.