The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

A Little Pre Oscar Posting

I actually saw one of the Oscar nominated pictures today, No Country for Old Men. It lived up to the hype and definitely deserves all the nominations it received. I thought Tommy Lee Jones was excellent, however, I can see why Javier Bardem has gotten all the attention. Tommy Lee's Sheriff Bell seemed a little too similar to Frances McDormand's Sheriff Gunderson.

Yesterday, I saw Definitely, Maybe and while not a laugh-out-loud film, it was well written and acted and I have to agree with sweet_ali that it was nice to see adult characters act like adults in a romantic comedy.

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! reckleslinguist who is sweeter, wittier, funnier, and more generous than you would imagine. ;) Hope you had a fabulous day!

And I know I'm forgetting something. Oh, yeah. Nader, really??? Sigh.

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