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What is with all the crying on American Idol? This group could help with the drought down south. I hate to say it, but Ryan made a good point, someone(s) has to go home every week. In other AI news, I agreed with three out of the four who got the boot and the group performance was much less soul sucking.

I've mentioned before, I don't know why I continue going to the TV Guide website when Ausiello pisses me off as much as he does. A few scoops here and there and now he's a legend in his own mind. I'm not sure which is more offensive, his blatant biases in reporting, his belief that he can singlehandedly save shows, or his rudeness to people posting on the website. This afternoon he reported that Gary Cole has been cast on 'Desperate Housewives. He was totally dismissive of Gary and lamented Ray Liotta (who had been approached about the part) not being cast. I've been a fan of Gary's since Midnight Caller and the guy has worked consistently on TV and in film since the 80's. He wouldn't have succeeded as a character actor if he didn't have talent. I was tempted to leave a comment, recapping the highlights of Gary's acting career, and telling him that Gary has his fair share of fans, but no need. At last look, there were four pages of comments, each and every poster describing how thrilled they are by the casting news and reminding Ausiello of Gary's roles that he seems to have forgotten. Heh.

The Birtish invasion continues. I read last week that Rufus Sewell was shooting a pilot and now it seems so is Toby Stephens. Though, in an interesting turn of events apparently brought on by the writers strike, he's been cast in pilot that hasn't actually been picked up yet.
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